Satellite Products

  1. Multi-Channel Phase Coherent Vector Signal Generator: VSG5000A

    This system is comprised of four independent vector signal generators that are able to be phase aligned to one or more of each other, allowing the creation of any complex RF signal environment with any type or mixed types of waveforms.

  2. Satellite Payload and Component Test

    SenarioTek offers satellite payload and component test products to help reduce the complexity and reliability challenges encountered by satellite manufacturers. Some of their product offerings in this application area include payload test systems, mixed-impedance subsystems, space-qualified component test systems, mm-wave systems, ground station test systems, remote calibration correction systems, signal conditioning systems, amplifier testing systems, and more.

  3. 7-Way Space Qualified Power Divider

    This space qualified power divider operates in the 620-820 MHz frequency range and uses a combination of ferrite and microstrip technologies in a hermetically sealed flatpack.

  4. High Power Amplifiers

    High Power Amplifiers by api technologies are ideal for a wide variety of applications and solutions. These include broadband jamming, satellite links, test equipment, military communications, electronic warfare, transmitters, digital control, PA modules with integrated PSU, pulsed radar, and transmitters.

  5. Broadband 8-Way Power Divider: DL82030

    This broadband 8-way power divider operates in the 20 to 3000 MHz frequency range and is ideal for SATCOM and radar applications. It features standard SMA connectors, in-line configuration, and exceptional amplitude balance.

  6. GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors

    Northrop Grumman’s first three entries in their GaN MMIC Amplifiers have been developed for defense and commercial ground satellite communications terminal markets and the commercial wireless infrastructure market. 

  7. Two Stage, High Linearity and High Gain Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY67107-306LF

    This low-noise amplifier (LNA) operates in the 2.3-2.8 GHz frequency range and features active bias and high linearity performance. In addition to the high linearity, the output stage also provides high gain. The advanced GaAs pHEMT enhancement mode front end device provides ultra-low Noise Figure. Stable performance over temperature and process variation are a direct result of the amplifier’s active bias circuitry.

  8. SATCOM - HW Overview

    With decades of experience serving the SATCOM industry, TMS offers a variety of satcom solutions for amplifiers, cables and connectors, filters, linearizers, modems, uplinks systems and amps, and communication TWTs. Many of these products are developed, manufactured, and sold under the Paradise Datacom brand. 

  9. Satellite Telephone Fiber Optic In-Building Repeater System
    Transmit and receive the full spectrum of satellite telephone uplink and downlink traffic over single mode fiber optic cable.
  10. Passive SATCOM Antenna: ARA-0548D
    This passive SATCOM antenna is ideal for ground and shipboard on-the-move applications. It operates in the 240 – 400 MHz frequency range. Its power handling is 200 Watts CW, and has 50 Ohms impedance. The antenna weighs 11 lbs/5.0 kg, is housed in a composite radome for weather protection, and has a tan finish (though other color options are available).