Power Dividers/Combiners


JFW offers the Model 50PD-871 SMA resistive 8-way power divider/combiner for operation in applications with frequencies ranging from DC – 7.2 GHz.  It is available with 50 Ohm SMA female RF connectors and is rated for 1 Watt of RF input power.

The dB-3205 is a microwave power module (MPM) operating in the frequency range of 43.5 to 45.5 GHz. This MPM is a power amplifier that provides 80 Watts CW RF output power. The RF signal path consists of a solid state amplifier and a vacuum power booster. The power supply topology uses proprietary low-noise, high-efficiency designs to operate the RF signal path. This compact, conductioncooled MPM is designed to operate in extreme military environments.

CPI offers the VKS-8262 series of klystrons for use in particle accelerators for scientific, medical, and industrial applications. These klystrons provide up to 7.5 MW peak at 2.856 or 2.9985 GHz at various rf pulse lengths and duty.

The PTX8807/PTX8808 MPM integrates a high-power Ka-band Helix mini Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) with a matched high-density switch mode power supply to produce a single "drop-in" microwave amplifier unit.

JFW introduces three new models of reactive Wilkinson type power divider/combiners. These power dividers/combiners are designed to cover the 6 GHz – 40 GHz frequency range and feature 2.92 mm female connectors in 2-way, 4-way, or 8-way configurations.