Broadband Amplifiers


The AMM-9024CH is a broadband GaAs MMIC distributed amplifier enabling operation over a DC-70 GHz bandwidth, featuring an 11 dB flat gain response, excellent return losses, and a 2.5 dB noise figure.

The Exodus Broadband Amplifier model AMP1071-1 is a powerful solution that covers a wide frequency range of 2.0–12.0GHz.

The Exodus Broadband Amplifier model AMP1074-9 is capable of covering a wide frequency range from 1.0 to 18.0 GHz and can produce a minimum power of 10 watts, with a nominal power of 15 watts.

The AMP2139DB solid-state, high-power amplifier features operating frequency bands spanning from 1 to 1000 MHz in Band A and 1 to 6 GHz in Band B, making it versatile and suitable for a broad range of applications.

The AMP2034A solid-state, high-power amplifier operates within the frequency range of 20 MHz to 6.0 GHz with a minimum power output of 20 Watts at Psat and a typical power output of 5 Watts at 1dB compression.

The AMP2027DB solid state, high power amplifier features a Class A/AB Linear design, operating in two frequency bands, Band A (100 - 1000 MHz) and Band B (1.0 – 6.0 GHz), esuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.

The AMP2108DB solid-state high-power amplifier features a compact, rack-mounted dual-band system with an operating frequency range covering 4.0 to 6.0 GHz (Band A) and 6.0 to 18.0 GHz (Band B).

The AMP2107DB-6 solid-state high-power amplifier features a dual-band design, with Band A covering the frequency range of 1-6 GHz, while Band B operates between 6-18 GHz, ensuring broad compatibility with various systems.