Connectorized Ceramic Diplexers and Multiplexers Connectorized Ceramic Diplexers and Multiplexers

Ceramic diplexers and multiplexers offer performance benefits that fall between Cavity and Lumped element diplexer capabilities and characteristics. Most often, they’re used because of a system’s size constraints. Ceramic diplexers are offered as non-hermetic surface mount designs or in hermetic housings with connectors.

WCS/MMDS Air Cavity Diplexer WCS/MMDS Air Cavity Diplexer

This diplexer uses TE Mode waveguide puck resonators to achieve narrowband filters of less than 0.25% bandwidth yet still provide a pass band loss on the order of < 1.5 dB. In addition to the low loss provided by the high Q ceramic resonators, cross coupling is used to achieve very deep rejection of 75 dBc at a 4:1 shape factor. This device also incorporates a sampling coupler and is available in both diplexer and double band pass configurations in frequency ranges of 2250 MHz to 2800 MHz...

Diplexer (R975ACITN-1029B)
Diplexer (R975ACITN-1029B)
AMPS High Power Duplexer Series AMPS High Power Duplexer Series
Narda West’s High Power Amps Band Duplexer Series provides highly selective receive/transmit combining
5IZ10-3050/X10000-O/O - LC Diplexer 5IZ10-3050/X10000-O/O - LC Diplexer
  • 15 Watts Power Over Passband Range
  • SMA Connectors
  • Contiguous VSWR
High Performance AWS Diplexer High Performance AWS Diplexer
This diplexer model has been designed for applications that require a high level of TX-RX isolation. It has a temperature range of -20 to +85°C and a maximum VSWR of 1.5:1.
400-500 MHz Ruggedized Cavity Diplexer 400-500 MHz Ruggedized Cavity Diplexer

This cavity diplexer features a compact size, a ruggedized package for Hi-Rel environments, high isolation and small separation between channels, and more. It operates in the 400-500 MHz frequency range and is ideal for airborne, ship, or vehicle mount applications in military environments.

Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D173 Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D173
Anatech provides ceramic and cavity filters for INMARSAT communication applications
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