380 To 385 MHz, 390 To 395 MHz Cavity Duplexer -- CD7000 380 To 385 MHz, 390 To 395 MHz Cavity Duplexer -- CD7000
Anatech Electronics introduces a high performance 380-385/390-395 MHz Cavity Duplexer used in T-GSM-380, Aerospace, and UHF applications. The uplink and downlink bands provide a low passband loss of < 1.2dB, and a high isolation of > 80dB. This Duplexer is capable of handling upto 100W of average power, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. A weatherproof version is also available.
892/1850 MHz Diplexer (0892DP14A1850T)
892/1850 MHz Diplexer (0892DP14A1850T)by Digi-Key.
Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D173 Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D173
Anatech provides ceramic and cavity filters for INMARSAT communication applications
AMPS High Power Duplexer Series AMPS High Power Duplexer Series
Narda West’s High Power Amps Band Duplexer Series provides highly selective receive/transmit combining
ESMR Duplexer - WSD-00420 ESMR Duplexer - WSD-00420
K&L’s WSD-00420 ESMR duplexer is reaching thresholds of this technology with it’s extreme low insertion loss and tight rejection at 861.5 MHz this filter has been optimized for performance and cost
CDMA 450 Cavity Duplexer -- CD7004 CDMA 450 Cavity Duplexer -- CD7004
Anatech would like to introduce their products used for wireless communication and to increase frequency in radio communication. CD7004 is a High Performance Cavity Duplexer with Band 1 at 450-454.8 MHz, Band 2 at 460-464.8 MHz, Insertion loss of 1.5dB max, and rejection of > 85dB in Band 2 and >95dB in Band 1. This Duplexer is built in a package size of 287 x 226 x 65 mm, and is used in CDMA 450 Base stations.
UMTS Band 2 Duplexer: ACMD-7407 UMTS Band 2 Duplexer: ACMD-7407
The Avago ACMD-7407 are highly miniaturized duplexers designed for use in UMTS Band 2 handsets and mobile data terminals.
15G Diplexer: JDWDF148152U2 15G Diplexer: JDWDF148152U2

This diplexer has an RX frequency range of 15.12-15.35 GHz, and a TX range of 14.7-14.93 GHz. Additional specifications include 230 MHz -1dB BW, <1.0dB I.L, >50dB isolation, >20dB return loss, <5ns group delay ripple, an SMA-female connection, and 50Ω impedance. The JDWDF148152U2 15G Diplexer weighs 220g and has a silver-plated surface treatment. Download the datasheet for additional information.

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