FTTP Cable Diplexer FTTP Cable Diplexer
The FTTP Cable Diplexer uses LC high pass / low pass construction along with delay equalization to provide a clean method of inserting and removing broadband digital service from cable systems. The delay equalizer assists in providing a low distortion path for the digital signal. High volume, inexpensive construction is achieved by casting the housing with connectors molded into a single assembly. Further price reduction is achieved by an internal design which lends itself to pick and place construction...
W-CDMA Duplexer (856450)
W-CDMA Duplexer (856450).
GSM-850, CDMA Cavity Duplexer -- AD830-875D207 GSM-850, CDMA Cavity Duplexer -- AD830-875D207
Anatech Microwave Company offers RF & MW Filters and Products designed to reduce interference. Our products are used in Wireless, Military, and Commercial applications. Cavity Duplexer with Band 1 at 825-835 MHz, Band 2 at 870-880 MHz, Insertion loss of 1.3dB min, and isolation of > 90dB. This Duplexer is built in a package size of 276 x 82 x 48 mm, and is used in GSM- 850 and CDMA applications.
Cavity Duplexers/Diplexers For Wireless Communication Cavity Duplexers/Diplexers For Wireless Communication
Anatech Electronics Diplexers for the wireless industry, are specifically designed for base stations. The Wireless Diplexers come in a wide variety of frequencies and package Anatech Electronics Bandpass filters for wireless communication, are specifically designed for base stations, repeaters, and where higher performance higher power handling is required
E-Band Diplexer E-Band Diplexer

Traditional 6 to 42 GHz microwave bands are becoming crowded with rapidly growing mobile backhaul data streams. MtronPTI’s E-Band Microwave Diplexer enables gigabit-per-second data rates in backhaul, data consolidation and enterprise direct connect applications.

823-961 MHz/1709-2171 MHz LC Diplexer 823-961 MHz/1709-2171 MHz LC Diplexer

This LC Diplexer is ideal for receiver-transmitter systems in the GSM, ISM, DCS, and PCS frequency bands. Port 1 – Port 3 operates in the 823 to 961 MHz frequency range, and Port 2 - Port 3 operates in the 1709 to 2171 MHz frequency range.

39 GHz Waveguide Diplexer 39 GHz Waveguide Diplexer

This waveguide diplexer is ideal for communication equipment manufacturers that are looking for a solution with a low dissipation factor, a small temperature coefficient shift, a compact size, high stability, and a low cost.

WiMAX/WiFi Low Cost Diplexer WiMAX/WiFi Low Cost Diplexer
Microlab/FXR, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wireless Telecom Group, Inc., provides a low cost Diplexer, to separate or combine all the cellular wireless frequency bands from the WiMAX and WiFi bands above 3 GHz.
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