Wavguide Diplexer Wavguide Diplexer
Developed for point-to-point radio and base-station link applications, a 38-GHz diplexer features a 37018 to 37658 MHz low pass band
Dual-Band Diplexer Dual-Band Diplexer
LTF3216D-F series dual-band frequency separators are available with carrier frequencies from 800 MHz to 2 GHz
GPS Diplexer GPS Diplexer
Trans Tech, Inc. offers a new, GPS diplexer for systems utilizing both L1 (1575 MHz) and L2 (1227 MHz).
Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D809 Ceramic Duplexer AE1600D809
Anatech provides ceramic and cavity filters for INMARSAT communication applications
AMPS Band Isolation Duplexer AMPS Band Isolation Duplexer
Narda West’s AMPS Band High Isolation Duplexer provides highly selective receive/transmit combining
Diplexer (R975ACITN-1029B)
Diplexer (R975ACITN-1029B)
High-Power Ceramic Diplexers (Surface-Mount) High-Power Ceramic Diplexers (Surface-Mount)
In many cases, identification friend or foe (IFF) systems require diplexers to combine transmit and receive channels onto a single antenna. K&L Microwave’s 9DLX0-1030-1090/X8 is used on the interrogator, transmitting at 1030 MHz. The 9DLX0-1090-1030/X8 is for use in the transponder. Both parts are rated to handle 800 watts of peak power and can be used in military airborne and ground applications.
PCS High Power Duplexer Series PCS High Power Duplexer Series
Narda West’s High Power PCS Band Duplexer Series provides highly selective receive/transmit combining
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