• Why Bugs, Golf, And Gavrilo Princip Could Be Why We Have Satellite Constellations

    Satellite constellations are being planned and launched by various companies to capitalize on the increase in commercial investment in LEO. In addition, the DoD is planning to launch satellite constellations to enhance the resilience of their satellite missions against interference and attacks from adversaries. So, what exactly is a satellite constellation?

  • The Power Of Private 5G Networks

    Private 5G networks provide faster speeds, higher capacity, greater reliability, and improved security than public 5G networks. They also can allow customers to scale their cellular wireless services quicker than before. So, what’s not to love?

  • CubeSats: Sending Paperweight-Sized Satellites To Space

    CubeSats – small, low-cost satellites – can be used for many purposes, from monitoring environmental changes to detecting and assessing disasters and more. For around $7,500 you can own one of these picosatellites and, for another $40,000 or so, hitch a ride on a rocket and conduct experiments in space!

  • Semiconductors At A Crossroads: Silicon, GaN, Or Something Else?

    ​GaN is a semiconductor material with several advantages, including energy efficiency, smaller system sizes, and high-temperature operation. However, GaN faces challenges like manufacturing complexity and material defects. Will it replace silicon? Or is there a dark horse out there, waiting to knock them both off?

  • What The U.S. Military Is Learning About Jamming From The War In Ukraine

    The War in Ukraine is reshaping military strategy in real-time, from portable missile launchers to drones. It is also providing the U.S. military an opportunity to observe and evaluate the tools of war, including electronic warfare and all that encompasses.

  • Submarine Cables, The Black Sea, And The War In Ukraine

    Russia has been making the argument that it’s their right to destroy “the ocean-floor cable communications of our enemies.” So, how safe are the nearly one million miles worth of submarine cables, particularly those in the Black Sea keeping Ukraine up and running?


22_12_RFG_BackChannel_450x300 Back Channel — Rolls Royce And Nuclear Reactors On The Moon, Ultra-Low-Power IoT Through RF, The Father Of Polish RF, And More

Back Channel presents the most captivating news and innovations in RF and microwaves. This week, we look at some AOC news, the successful test flight of an electric motor drive on a hybrid electric aircraft, a life well lived, and more.



Qorvo offers the QPF4551 integrated front end module (FEM) for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) systems. With a compact form factor and integrated matching, this module minimizes the layout area required for its application. It is ideally used for access points, wireless routers, residential gateways, residential gateways, premise equipment, and Internet of Things applications.

Altair offers their scalable design platform for shortening design efforts along product and services digitalization while minimizing overall costs. Altair IoT solutions help accelerate growth in developing new services, improve productivity, increase flexibility, and optimize overall global efficiency.

Skyworks presents innovative Internet of Things (IoT) product solutions for a wide range of applications including automotive, connected home, industrial, machine-to-machine, medical, mobile devices, and wearables.


  • Matter is a universal software layer, a foundation for connected things and their application, will act as the universal IoT standard compatible with various protocols deployed in our homes today. With Matter, all ecosystem manufacturers can make it easier for product developers to innovate because the interoperability function is taken care of.

  • The number of connected devices in our homes continues to rise, and each device can be held to a different wireless standard. Qorvo explains how to manage multiple traffic standards within a connected home to keep communications between devices fast, efficient, scalable, and able to receive more data. 

  • Over-the-air (OTA) testing, something not historically possible with past generations of wireless devices, has the potential to revolutionize wireless device testing while enabling innovative testing of both advanced antenna systems (AAS) and antenna array technology.

  • Led by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), multiple portions of the spectrum ranging from the C band to the V band were either opened or auctioned to new uses throughout the year. These changes drive a variety of new opportunities for wireless device manufacturers and broadband and cellular carriers. These new opportunities result in a range of fresh challenges for RF technology vendors to help solve. 

  • Used in communications, radar sensors, and IoT, ultrawideband (UWB) technology uses an extremely high bandwidth of 500 MHz or more. The ETSI standard requires a resolution bandwidth of 50 MHz. This application note explains technical reasons for the bandwidth limitation and presents solutions for regulative UWB testing using the R&S®ESW. 

  • There’s a new standard in town and its name is CHIP – Connected Home Over the Internet Protocol. It aims to elevate consumers’ smart home experiences by making products more compatible. Up until now, we’ve had a range of protocols – Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth® Low Energy, Thread, etc. This article provides a brief introduction to this standard. 

  • The SKY66430-11 is a multi-band multi-chip System-in-Package (SiP) supporting cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT platforms for use in wearables, alarm systems, security cameras, industrial monitoring devices, and low-power IoT devices. The SiP integrates the entire RF front end, transceiver, power management, memory, and baseband modem for an LTE multi-band radio operating in the 700 to 2200 MHz frequency range.

  • As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and change the way consumers manage information in the environment, Skyworks has worked to expand its wireless connectivity product portfolio for the needs of every emerging market. These markets include automotive, connected home, industrial, machine-to-machine (M2M), medical, mobile devices, smart energy, and wearable technologies. This brochure provides a brief overview on Skyworks’ new and featured products for each market.


Qorvo’s ConcurrentConnect™ technology works and enables fast communications, increases network capacity, helps create future-proof connected devices, and improves scalability in the connected home. Qorvo works with an array of tools and loves partnering with the customers on their toughest design problems.