The IDS Aeronautical Division offers electromagnetic consultancy services covering a full range of prediction and measurement services such as antenna performance optimization, EMI and link budget assessment for simple and complex systems, and much more.

Signal Hound offers the new SM200B real-time spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver for tuning applications from 100 kHz to 20 GHz. This analyzer features 160 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, 110 dB of dynamic range, 1THz/sec sweep speed at 30kHz RBW, and phase noise performance that is low enough to contribute less than 0.1% error to EVM measurements and rival even the most expensive spectrum analyzers on the market.

Available in Q4 2019.

This direct digital synthesizer (DDS) features an internal high speed/high performance 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and is ideal for use in radar and scanning systems, test and measurement equipment, and agile LO frequency synthesis applications.

Dow-Key provides electro-mechanical switch matrices in an array of configurations

Remote controlled Remote Analyzer with receiver characteristics having an unusually comprehensive range of features, making it exemplary value for money. It is especially suitable for radio monitoring. NRA-6000 RX provides comprehensive analysis of all radio frequency ranges including the latest mobile communications bands (from TETRA through to GSM, UMTS, WiMAX and LTE).

The dB-9002 from dB Control is a custom-mounted Dual Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (DIFM) unit designed to operate in the C, X, and Ku-band frequency range and provide highly accurate measurements at 100 ns to CW pulse width measurements.

This high-fidelity, dual-channel RF record and playback system features the widest bandwidth of any portable system of its kind and up to 165MHz of record and playback bandwidth per channel, making it capable of taking on recording applications from HF to mmwave in mission-critical systems.

This Aeroflex inductive probe is ideal for use in the repair of modern printed circuit boards and is an active probe for non-contacting measurements. Ideal for checking synthesizer frequencies and mixing products, this probe measures magnetic fields emitted by ASICs, wires, and other electronic devices. This probe features a large usable frequency range, and integrated amplifier, and a rugged design.