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  • Specifying RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers For EMC Testing
    Specifying RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers For EMC Testing

    Historically, amplifier selection for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing was based mainly on meager knowledge and information scattered across the EMC industry. However, proper EMC amplifier selection is an important step in achieving required RF levels. This application note offers the information necessary to make the optimal amplifier selection by taking the reader through numerous considerations.

  • Network Operator Interference Detection And Geo-Location Challenges

    Network operators are always looking to meet high customer demands, while providing higher throughput, 24/7 uptime, and higher service quality. To meet these goals, it is critical that operators and DAS vendors are proactive in maintaining a clear spectrum environment, and eliminate problems that negatively impact user experience. This application note discusses how Anritsu’s spectrum monitor system provides operators and DAS vendosr with an efficient and automated method for identifying, detecting and geo-locating problem signals in the network environment.

  • Optimizing WLAN Test Systems For Measurement Speed: Four Ways To Reduce Measurement Time By National Instruments Corporation With increasing pressure to lower test costs, many RF test engineers face the challenge of reducing measurement time. As you might expect, wireless LAN (WLAN) device testing is no exception. Whether you are creating an automated test system for design validation or final production test, it has become increasingly important to optimize a test system for measurement speed.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of the R&S®FSVR with a Web Browser
    Remote Monitoring and Control of the R&S®FSVR with a Web Browser

    This application note describes remote operation or monitoring of the real time spectrum analyzer R&S FSVR through a standard web browser.

  • White Paper: Electronic Test And Measurement: Creating New Value, And Revenue Streams, With Embedded Software More than ever, embedded software is playing a central role in intelligent device manufacturers go-to-market strategies. This trend is especially apparent in markets such as telecom, test and measurement, healthcare, and industrial automation where manufacturers are under increasing pressure to innovate, rapidly enter new markets, control costs, maximize incremental revenue from existing customers, and deliver a competitively differentiated customer experience.
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<B>Frequency Sources</b> Frequency Sources
Frequency sources from Narda...
EMI / RFI Shielded Panels EMI / RFI Shielded Panels
Abante offers shielded panels in a wide variety of sizes and performance specifications
Fast, Low-Noise Digital Signal Generator: SGD Fast, Low-Noise Digital Signal Generator: SGD
Aeroflex's SGD is a fast, low noise digital signal generator and is part of the Aeroflex S-Series of products. This generator is ideal for demanding, critical receiver measurement and rapid manufacturing, or for general purpose applications. It covers the 100 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range, features a fast settling time of 100 µs, and has a +13 dBm output with a +20 dBm option. Users have the option to design waveform files from simple generic or system specific templates as well as convert user designed waveforms into compatible formats with an embedded version of of IQCreator®, Aeroflex's powerful waveform creation tool. Waveforms designed in IQCreator® can include signal impairments and time markers to aid sychronization. Graphical displays of the waveform FFT, vector and constellation diagrams, etc. can be viewed and exported for use in other Windows™ applications.
R&S DVSG Digital Video Signal Generator R&S DVSG Digital Video Signal Generator

The R&S DVSG digital video signal generator is a universal platform for generating and playing compressed and uncompressed video and audio signals. It features transport stream (TS) interfaces as well as all common audio/video (AV) interfaces for the latest TV display technology.

Integrated Switch Matrices Integrated Switch Matrices

Ducommun RF Products has been actively working with our individual customers to develop unique testing solutions with our Switch Matrices and coaxial switches.  Ducommun RF Products has over twenty five years experience with the design and manufacturing of switch matrix systems.  Combining together our technical knowledge of both coaxial switches and switching systems, we have been able to assist our customers with a variety of solution that fit their unique requirements.  Ducommun RF Products offers a complete, fully supported, turnkey solution that allows our customers to have the benefit of a customized solution at a fraction of the price.

Frequency Synthesizers Frequency Synthesizers
Broadband frequency synthesizers and phase locked oscillators from HF through 30 GHz.
Power Meter - 8400 Series Power Meter - 8400 Series
The 8400 Series Mini-Power Meter is an inexpensive, portable and battery operated power measurement system. Consisting of the model 8441 power meter, the model 8440-01 extension cable and one or more of the 842X series of power mounts, this system allows accurate measurements at frequencies up to 26.5 GHz...
EMI Test Receiver R&S ESR EMI Test Receiver R&S ESR

The R&S®ESR EMI test receiver functions both as a powerful signal and spectrum analyzer for lab applications, and as a tool to measure conducted and radiated disturbances in the 10 Hz to 26 GHz frequency range in compliance with the CISPR 16-1-1 standard. Electromagnetic disturbances are measured at a very high speed with the help of an FFT-based time domain scan.

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