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  • Flexible Radar Target Generation Using COTS Test Equipment
    Flexible Radar Target Generation Using COTS Test Equipment

    With the recent introduction of the R&S®SMW200A microwave vector signal generator, Rohde & Schwarz now offers a novel approach to flexibly and conveniently generate multiple radar target echoes for systems up to 20 GHz.  When used in combination with the R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer, these commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) test instruments can be configured to support flexible radar target generation including range and target velocity emulation.

  • IQWizard - IQ Signal Measurement and Conversion

    IQWizard is a tool for loading IQ signal files in various formats and measuring IQ signals with a FSx spectrum analyzer or ESx Receiver. The obtained IQ data in memory can be stored in various formats or be transmitted to an AMU / SMU with WinIQSIM™ or WinIQSIM2™.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy Measurements Using R&SCBTgo; Additional Tests

    Nearly all tests in accordance with the Bluetooth low energy test specification V4.0 [1] can be performed using the R&S®CBT alone. Some tests additionally call for signal generators to provide interference signals. This application note describes the tests performed with additional equipment and presents straightforward solutions based on the R&S®CBTgo software.

  • Application Note: Practical Tips On Measuring Interference By utilizing the ISM (Industrial-Scientific-Medical) frequency bands, the wireless industry has been able to exploit the increasing popularity of unlicensed communication systems. However, their unlicensed nature carries with it the seeds of serious signal interference problems. Such ISM system designs are type-approved but are then installed by unlicensed owners or contractors. These conditions sometimes lead to signal configurations that unintentionally interfere. The objective of this article is to present measurement tips and procedures which will help a field technician measure signal interference in operating communications systems. By Anritsu Company
  • Is An ASIC Right For Your Next IoT Product?
    Is An ASIC Right For Your Next IoT Product?

    Application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) have become much cheaper and more flexible over the years, offering many more capabilities and significant benefits for a wider range of applications. So how do you know if using an ASIC is ideal for your application? 

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ShockLine™ Economy Vector Network Analyzer: MS46322B ShockLine™ Economy Vector Network Analyzer: MS46322B

The MS46322B is a series of Economy ShockLine™ Vector Network Analyzers with frequency range from 1 MHz to 8/20/43.5 GHz. It is based on patented ShockLine VNA-on-chip technology, which simplifies the internal VNA architecture at high frequencies, reduces instrument cost, and enhances accuracy and measurement repeatability.

The MS46322B are all 2-port VNAs packaged in a compact and rugged 2U chassis. The entire series has 130 microseconds per point sweep speed, and better than 100 dB dynamic range to 43.5 GHz, making it suitable for testing passive devices in engineering, manufacturing and cost-sensitive education applications.

10 MHz To 6200 MHz Signal Analyzer APPH6000 10 MHz To 6200 MHz Signal Analyzer APPH6000
Anapico’s 10 MHz to 6200 MHz Signal Analyzer is ideal for applications involving supply noise verification, crystal oscillator and VCO testing, automated production testing, PLL synthesizer locking and characterization, and general purpose phase noise tests.
Microwave USB Power Sensor (MA24208A) Microwave USB Power Sensor (MA24208A)

The MA24208A is a power sensor designed with “triple path” architecture that provides True-RMS measurements for CW, multi-tone, and digitally modulated signals from 10 MHz to 8 GHz over 80 dB of dynamic range. The sensor employs high-performance digital processing which enables measurement speeds of >1,600 continuous power readings/s continuous and >11,000 buffered readings/s. It is intended to be used to increase throughput and reduce cost-of-test in any lab, high-volume manufacturing and field environment.

NEW: Ultra-Low Noise Signal Sources: XMN & XMNP Series NEW: Ultra-Low Noise Signal Sources: XMN & XMNP Series

This series of ultra-low noise signal sources features exceptionally low phase noise, supplementary output at oscillator frequency, and a wide range of output frequencies and multiplication ratios. They provide a range of high-performance building blocks between 200 MHz and 3 GHz.

VersiCal Calibration Software VersiCal Calibration Software
The new Modelithics VersiCal™ calibration software enables accurate broad-band vector network analyzer “cSOLT” and “cSOLR” calibrations using more complex modeling of lumped standards.
SGA Signal Generator With Touch Screen SGA Signal Generator With Touch Screen
The S-Series SGA Signal Generator offers simplicity, portability, modularity, and RF performance at an attractive price. Aeroflex’s reputation for innovation in signal generators has been reaffirmed in the S-Series. The signal generators have been designed from the ground up to meet the expectations of today’s engineers for instant answers at the touch of a screen. Buttons, rotary controls, and deeply nested software menus have all been removed.
MPXM Multicoax Testing Solutions MPXM Multicoax Testing Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER offers the MXPM multicoax solution supporting measurements up to 70 GHz (with an option to 80 GHz).  The MXPM unit guarantees satisfactory performance and affordability with its high density pitch (2.54 mm, 0.1 inch) and a user friendly magnet mount connection.

Phase Noise Measurement Analyzers Phase Noise Measurement Analyzers
Holzworth Instrumentation was founded as a phase noise measurement company. Along the path to phase noise analysis solutions, our high performance building blocks were developed and sold in the form of RF Synthesizers, Phase Detectors, etc. The HA7401A is a Fixed Frequency Phase Noise Analyzer, and the HA7402A is a Phase Noise Measurement Engine.
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