RF Test And Measurement Resource Center


  • SCPI-Recorder: Test Automation At Your Fingertips

    This application note briefly summarizes the history of SCPI and outlines in which fields of application a SCPI based test system software has still advantages over a driver (e.g. IVI) based approach.

  • Optimize Beamforming: From Bits To RF Beams

    To achieve accurate, reliable and efficient beamforming, it is necessary to understand and compensate for the nonlinear behavior of RF components. This app note covers the benefits of Rohde & Schwarz’s portfolio of conducted and OTA test solutions and how they help to optimize beamforming.

  • Measurement Of Harmonics Using Spectrum Analyzers

    This Application Note focuses on measurement of harmonics using modern spectrum analyzers and highlights the source of harmonics before focusing on their measurement using a spectrum analyzer.

  • Millimeter-wave Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) Measurements

    This application note discusses the complications encountered in IMD measurements (set up complexity and hardware availability being the two main issues), and how Anritsu’s ME7838A family of broadband vector network analyzers (VNAs) can be used to make millimeter-wave measurements easier and more streamlined.

  • Simulating Automatic Obscuration and Multipath for Realistic GNSS Receiver Testing

    The R&S®SMBV100A is both, a versatile general-purpose vector signal generator and a powerful GNSS signal simulator. It can simulate up to 24 satellites in realtime for testing GNSS receivers flexibly, reliably, and cost-efficiently. The R&S®SMBV100A supports receiver testing under realistic conditions by offering features such as obscuration simulation and automatic multipath generation. Out of a multitude of possible test scenarios – with predefined or user-specific settings – this application note presents some examples to give an impression of the instrument’s capabilities.


D-TA Systems offers the MFEL 1000 portable ELINT data collection solution designed to provide automatic spectrum scanning for signal activity (pulse or CW), PDW extraction and de-interleaving to tracks where signal characterization is performed automatically. The system includes a built-in 6 TB (expandable to 18 TB) SSD data storage for I/Q data collection in both on-site and off-site analysis.

An impedance meter has been released to measure the impedance of lines from 5 to 100 kW
Dow-Key Microwave’s Solid Switch Matrix with Ethernet control interface, performs from 800 to 2500 MHz and is available in full fan-out configurations from 6X6 to 12X12

The MS27102A is a remote spectrum monitor from Anritsu covering the 9 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range. With sweep rate capabilities up to 24 GHz/s, this monitor is able to mitigate interference problems, and find and identify any illegal or unlicensed signal activity. This monitor can also be used to characterize spectrum occupancy, and enforce compliance in government applications.

Aaronia introduces the SPECTRAN V5 RSA remote-controlled real-time spectrum analyzer designed specifically for capturing even the shortest signal transmissions. The analyzer scans 20 GHz in less than 20 mS making it world’s fastest remote controllable spectrum analyzer. It is ideal for making fast and reliable measurements for applications such as spectrum monitoring, interference hunting, EMC testing or Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements.

Two new frequency synthesizers designed for next-generation wireless phone, satellite, two-way paging, two-way radio and wireless local-area network...
The S-Series SGA Signal Generator offers simplicity, portability, modularity, and RF performance at an attractive price. Aeroflex’s reputation for innovation in signal generators has been reaffirmed in the S-Series. The signal generators have been designed from the ground up to meet the expectations of today’s engineers for instant answers at the touch of a screen. Buttons, rotary controls, and deeply nested software menus have all been removed.

High reliability, outstanding ease of operation, maximum precision and a wide dynamic range - this is what customers expect from a network analyzer. Using state-of-the-art technology and a user-friendly operating concept, Rohde & Schwarz has implemented all these features in its R&S®ZNC vector network analyzer.