• Compact Solution For Network Analysis In The mmWave Range

    The R&S® ZNA vector network analyzer with integrated LO output and direct IF input options is a simple, cost-effective solution for 2-port and 4-port measurements using Rohde & Schwarz mmWave converters.

  • Field Analyzers In EMC Radiated Immunity Testing

    In radiated immunity testing, it is common practice to utilize a radio frequency (RF) field probe to measure the electric field at the location of the unit under test (UUT). Most RF field probes are designed to measure the root mean square (RMS) of a continuous wave (CW) electric field over a broad range of frequencies and amplitudes.

  • Measuring Ultra Low Noise Metrological Reference

    Signal sources with very low phase noise have significantly improved in their performance over the past few years. However, it has also become increasingly difficult to measure such low phase noises with standard and even dedicated phase noise measurement systems. 

  • Measuring RF Levels At Multi-Signal Sites By Narda Safety Test Solutions - An L-3 Communications Company
    The density of systems operating from a single tower or rooftop location is increasing every year. This complex signal environment makes it extremely difficult to accurately determine whether the radiation present at the overall site is in compliance with current standards. Probes with shaped frequency response curves, along with RMS detection, make compliance with FCC guidelines more accurate in complex multisignal measurement environments...
  • Mastering Phase Noise Measurements: Part 2

    No matter your level of knowledge, it is important to understand phase noise basics and to learn new measurement techniques for improving designs. This application note is the second in a series on mastering phase noise measurements. Download the full article for information on the different phase noise techniques and their advantages and disadvantages.


The Si4133G Dual-Band RF synthesizer is a fast settling integer-N synthesizer

The Model 7000 Series of Phase Noise Test Systems offers an integrated testing solution comprised of a two-channel cross-correlation system with two internal tunable reference sources, while also allowing measurements with external references. These flexible instruments are designed to provide an essential set of measurement functions for assessing signal sources with VHF to microwave frequencies.

Rohde & Schwarz offers the new R&S®ZNA vector network analyzer with DUT-centric operating features that guide users quickly and conveniently to the desired measurement setup. With exceptional stability, low trace noise and excellent raw data capabilities, the analyzer is ideally suited for development and production applications that require high accuracy, such as developing and producing components and modules for A&D and satellite applications.

Dow-Key Microwave Corporation is pleased to present its new Matrix/PXI Catalog, which introduces the most popular, standard, and integrated switching solutions required in today’s broadband market -- everything from solid-state to electromechanical and reconfigurable PXI module switching systems.

Pentek offers the Quartz® Model 6003 high-performance Quartz eXpress Module (QuartzXM) based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC FPGA. The RFSoC FPGA integrates eight RF-class A/D and D/A converters into the Zynq’s multiprocessor architecture, creating a multichannel data conversion and processing solution on a single chip.

The 2500 Series represents Aeroflex’s highest performance synthesizers and exemplifies cutting edge performance. The 2500 Series synthesizers are faster, cleaner, smaller and more rugged than their predecessor, the FS5000, and also have improved — the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)- exceeds 16,000 hours.

The Octane Elite EDS System from EDAX Inc. incorporates a silicon nitride (Si3N4) window to provide low energy sensitivity for light element detection and low kV microanalysis. The system uses state of the art electronics designed to yield high speed X-ray data processing within a smaller and fully vacuum encapsulated detector device.

The GALILEO-EMT toolkit is a part of the IDS GALILEO SUITE and is designed to cover the gap between an efficient Maxwell equations solver and a professional tool for challenging real life industrial problems.