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  • Wideband Optical Modulator And Detector Characterization: Uncertainties And The Impact On Eye Diagrams/Time Domain Modeling

    Optical modulators and detectors have been characterized and calibrated over the years, but less attention has been given to the optimization of converter measurement uncertainties in a practical user context. Since frequency dependencies of various error mechanisms are different, the wide bandwidths could require procedural changes for optimum results. This paper explores these characterization and calibration processes, as well as the net uncertainties, and their impact on example eye diagram generation.

  • Directivity And VSWR Measurements: Understanding Return Loss Measurements

    The characterization of microwave networks requires discriminating between forward and backward traveling waves. Unfortunately no directional device is perfect, leading to potentially dramatic measurement errors. In this note we show that return loss and VSWR measurements are greatly complicated by the finite performance of the directional device used to measure the reflected power.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Using IEEE 802.11p
    Intelligent Transportation Systems Using IEEE 802.11p

    For several years, automobile makers and government agencies have sought ways to improve safety on roadways and effectively manage traffic flow. As wireless communication systems are advancing, the vision of automobiles talking to each other and to roadside units is becoming a reality.

  • LTE Beamforming Measurements

    Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology is an integral part of 3GPP E-UTRA long term evolution (LTE). As part of MIMO, beamforming is also used in LTE. This article provides a brief summary of the transmission modes in LTE and describes the beamforming measurements for base stations and user equipment.

  • Satellite Payload Pre-Launch Testing

    At the beginning of 2015, around 1,200 satellites were fully operational in orbit around the planet, half of which were communication satellites. This number of satellites is expected to expand at a progressive rate within the next years. To have success in developing satellite projects, reliable testing needs to be done at each stage. This application note focuses on RF component and module testing of satellite communication payloads using R&S instruments at pre-launch levels.

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Spectrum Master™ Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer: MS2760A Spectrum Master™ Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer: MS2760A

From Anritsu, the inventor of the handheld spectrum analyzer first introduced in 1999, we are proud to introduce our first generation MS2760A Spectrum Master – Ultraportable Spectrum Analyzer. By utilizing Anritsu’s patented shockline non-linear transmission line (NLTL) technology, the MS2760A shatters the cost, size, and performance barriers associated with traditional large form factor instruments to more efficiently advance technology development.

K Band Motion Sensor Modules: SSM Series K Band Motion Sensor Modules: SSM Series

These motion sensor modules are short range Doppler sensors that operate in the K band. They’re ideal for traffic radar systems, automatic door openers, dual mode security systems, and automatic production lines.

Microwave USB Power Sensor (MA24108A) Microwave USB Power Sensor (MA24108A)

The MA24108A power sensor is designed to provide accurate average power measurements from 10 MHz to 8 GHz over 60 dB of dynamic range. The sensor employs a "dual path" architecture that provides (similar to thermal sensor) True-RMS measurements over the entire frequency and dynamic range, enabling users to make highly accurate average power measurements for CW, multi-tone, and digitally modulated signal up to 8 GHz. The sensors have internal and external triggering capability that facilitates individual slot power measurements of TDMA waveforms as well as burst power measurements of periodic and non-periodic waveforms.

USB-Controlled HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™ USB-Controlled HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™
Maury Microwave's HGT™ High-Gamma Tuners™ typically achieve a VSWR of 200:1 (100:1 minimum), making them ideal automated tuners for high-power and on-wafer GSM applications...
SGMA RF Source: R&S SGS100A SGMA RF Source: R&S SGS100A

The R&S SGS100A is an RF source designed to meet the requirements of automated test systems. It is available as a CW source or as a vector signal generator with an integrated I/Q modulator. With its frequency range of up to 6 GHz, the vector signal generation version covers the essential digital signals. The CW version, with a range of up to 12.75 GHz, can be used as a flexible local oscillator as well as for interference testing against mobile radio standards.

Aeronautical EMC/EMI Prediction And Measurement Aeronautical EMC/EMI Prediction And Measurement

The IDS Aeronautical Division offers electromagnetic consultancy services covering a full range of prediction and measurement services such as antenna performance optimization, EMI and link budget assessment for simple and complex systems, and much more.

Narda's NBM-520 Meter Narda's NBM-520 Meter
Narda's NBM-520 meter has just been updated for users with NBM series of probes. This innovative meter can be operated with standard NBM probes as a stand-alone survey system, or it can be used with the NBM-550 and fiber optic cables to perform some of the most demanding surveys imagineable. New for 2008 is a fiber optic to USB converter for reading data remotely on your PC!
Fast-Switching Synthesizer: FST-3000-XA Fast-Switching Synthesizer: FST-3000-XA

This fast-switching synthesizer operates in the 2500 MHz to 3000 MHz frequency range and is ideal for applications involving test and measurement equipment, simulator systems, or as a local oscillator in advanced radar receiver systems.

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