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  • How To Measure Additive Phase Noise Of Amplifiers Using 7000 Series Signal Source Analyzers

    The 7000 series phase noise measurement system is designed to measure absolute and residual (additive) phase noise of active or passive devices. This app note explains how to use 7000 series signal source analyzers to measure the absolute or residual phase noise of pulsed signals in amplifiers.

  • Overview Of Technologies For Millimeter-Wave OTA Measurement

    As Over The Air (OTA) measurements become more important in 5G technologies, Anritsu proposes a new measurement method for solving millimeter-wave OTA measurements that solves the current Far-Field Measurement (FFM) challenges, and helps to reduce measurement costs. Based on actual measurement results, Anritsu's Near-Field Measurement (NFM) method is capable of offering improved measurement sensitivity. Anritsu also introduces an NFM solution for the E-band using Non-Linear Transmission Line technology. This white paper discusses how Near-Field Measurement technology works, the advantages of using it, and comparisons between NFM and FFM measurement results.

  • Optimizing Performance And Cost For Millimeter-Wave Signal Analysis

    mmWave systems considered for next-gen commercial wireless require test instrumentation that keeps pace with the performance requirements of these systems. This app note discusses advances in mmWave signal analysis and instrumentation.

  • Digitizer Applications Using High-Performance Signal Analyzer

    This application note explains how to cut development and manufacturing time and costs by combining the signal analyzer MS2850A with a dedicated data-transfer interface for high-speed transfer of large amounts of digitized data captured over long time periods.

  • AR RF/Microwave RF Safety Meter Systems Application Note

    As awareness around electromagnetic fields, or non-ionizing radiation, and its effects on the human body when exposed to it has increased over the years, so too has the demand RF safety meters and sensor heads.


The R&S®Spectrum Rider FPH Handheld Spectrum Analyzer supporting a wide frequency range up to 31 GHz in both field and lab applications. This versatile, user-friendly instrument features a rugged, fanless design that features noise free operation that is clean and reliable since no dust or water can slip in through the vent guard.

The R&S BTC broadcast test center from Rohde & Schwarz provides a complete testing environment for nearly all audio, video and multimedia applications – in a single device. The RF reference signal generator generates RF signals for all global TV and broadcasting standards and simulates transmissions. The generator can also internally analyze the audio/video functions of DUTs in realtime. The modular design provides a high degree of scalability, allowing the R&S BTC to be configured for any customer requirement.

With a life-time of more than 100,000 flex cycles, SUCOFLEX 550S is the latest addition to the SUCOFLEX 500 family and provides a range of outstanding benefits, including a high electrical performance with an enhanced mechanical design for durability.

dB Control’s family of traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) features a combined frequency range of 2 to 18 GHz up to 15kW output power. dB Control utilizes our proprietary transformer fabrication, encapsulation and high-voltage potting techniques developed for demanding military applications which results in superior reliability, low cost and ease of maintenance.  Products in this series are ideal for several applications, including: test and measurement, electronic warfare (EW) simulation, RFI/EMI/EMC Testing, electronic countermeasures (ECM), and antenna pattern and radar-cross section measurements.

The R&S®ATS1000 antenna test chamber is designed to provide the ideal environment for 5G antenna characterization throughout the entire process from R&D to production for both active and passive devices. This system supports far-field and near-field antenna measurements with its compact design. The mobile chamber helps to optimize the overall RF performance of antenna modules already in the initial phases of development.

The WLP200 is an evaluation RC filter network suited for mobile equipment. The device consists of 6 channel RC filters with different...

JFW is an innovative designer and manufacturer of application specific matrix switches and programmable test systems for cellular / PCS laboratory installations...

Corry Micronics’ RFMS-4X256-B is a 4 to 256 blocking RF switch matrix covering the 900-2500 MHz frequency range. It has a -8dB insertion loss, 50 ohms impedance, 10 dB return loss, +30 dBm P1dB, -80 dB isolation, and a 5µs switching speed (50% trigger to 10% RF power).