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  • Programming EMI Test Receivers This application note discusses several basic methods for reading and displaying measurement results from EMI test receivers.
  • How To Generate And Measure Noise Power Ratio (NPR) Signals

    In order to generate noise power ratio stimulus signals and to measure the resulting noise power ratio of a device under test (DUT), Rohde & Schwarz offers the Noise Power Ratio (NPR) as an add-on tool for WinIQSIM / WinIQSIM2™ software. This NPR measurement technique drastically reduces measurement time compared to classic gain wobbling, and is able to characterize the linearity of a wideband amplifier over a custom frequency range. This application note provides an overview of the software, its features, hardware and software requirements, installation, parameters, and more.

  • MHL2.0 Compliance Testing
    MHL2.0 Compliance Testing

    This application note provides an overview of the MHL technology and also describes the Rohde & Schwarz compliance test solution for the system part of the current MHL2.0 standard version.

  • On-Orbit Satellite RF Measurements
    On-Orbit Satellite RF Measurements

    At the beginning of 2015, around 1200 satellites were fully operational in orbit around the planet, half of which were communication satellites. This number of satellites is expected to expand at a progressive rate within the next years. In order ensure proper performance in the satellite transponders in the payload, on-orbit measurements must be made as a part of maintenance. This application note focuses on satellite post-launch or on-orbit measurements, and monitoring strategies used for satellite functionality checks when running maintenance routines.

  • Benefits of R&S®RTO Digital Trigger System
    Benefits of R&S®RTO Digital Trigger System

    This application note introduces the working principles of a conventional trigger system and explains the advantages of the real-time capable digital trigger of the RTO oscilloscopes.

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Power Meter + Power Sensor Power Meter + Power Sensor
The Giga-tronics 8651B Single-Input Power Meter and 8652B Dual-Input Power Meter offer high-performance RF and Microwave power measurement. The Giga-tronics 8650B Series Universal Power Meters have the extensive measurement capabilities and features you need to test today’s sophisticated systems faster, easier and more accurately.
Calibration Solutions Calibration Solutions

SenarioTek provides calibration for all types of applications; from automated inline calibration to testing in a thermal vacuum. They can work with frequencies up to 50 GHz, and can provide calibration solutions in signal routing, calibration standards, mixers, power sensors, attenuators, noise sources, amplifiers, and filters

2500B Series Microwave Signal Generator 2500B Series Microwave Signal Generator

The 2500B Series Microwave Signal Generator delivers industry-best offset phase noise performance, narrow pulse and fast frequency switching speeds in a single unit. With frequency ranges to 50 GHz, the 2500B series Microwave Signal Generators are fast, easy-to-use, super clean and loaded with features including high-stability time base, fine resolution, multiple sweep modes and a full suite of analog modulation capabilities.

Remote Analyzers with Receiver Characteristics Remote Analyzers with Receiver Characteristics

The NRA family of remote network analyzers recently received an upgrade to its line. The NRA RX is a new generation of RF analyzers ideal for radio monitoring applications. This is due to their ability to analyze signals up to 6 GHz in the frequency and time domains, while exhibiting receiver-like characteristics at the same time.

Handheld Cable And Antenna Analyzer:  Site Master™ S331L Handheld Cable And Antenna Analyzer: Site Master™ S331L

The S331L handheld cable and antenna analyzer is ideal for tower contractors and wireless service providers that need a rugged, handheld field instrument to provide high-performance cable and antenna analysis to ensure optimum deployment, installation, and maintenance of wireless networks.

Remote Analyzer with receiver characteristics: NRA-6000 RX Remote Analyzer with receiver characteristics: NRA-6000 RX

Remote controlled Remote Analyzer with receiver characteristics having an unusually comprehensive range of features, making it exemplary value for money. It is especially suitable for radio monitoring. NRA-6000 RX provides comprehensive analysis of all radio frequency ranges including the latest mobile communications bands (from TETRA through to GSM, UMTS, WiMAX and LTE).

Fractional RF Synthesizers
Two new frequency synthesizers designed for next-generation wireless phone, satellite, two-way paging, two-way radio and wireless local-area network...
Handheld Spectrum Analyzer: Spectrum Master MS2711E Handheld Spectrum Analyzer: Spectrum Master MS2711E

Regulatory requirements are growing. You're under increasing pressure to cut costs. And improving system uptime is always a top priority. The MS2711E Spectrum Master helps you do all of this and more. Whether you are performing complex interference analyses or assessing signal quality, the MS2711E Spectrum Master delivers the ease of use, rich functionality, and best-in-class price/performance you've come to expect from Anritsu.

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