In addition to our modular RF products, Linx offers a wide range of ICs designed to simplify such diverse tasks as encoding and decoding, interface, and discreet RF implementations.
The MPS-002701-84 is an internally matched GaAs FET amplifier in a surface mount ceramic package. It is ideal for digital communications applications where excellent gain linearity and high efficiency at a 5 Volt bias is required.

The X-MWsystem from X-Microwave is a complete modular building block eco-system including a broad offering of RF and microwave components, an innovative Prototype Station and a FREE online System Simulator.  The X-MWsystem can be used to seamlessly navigate thru the product development process from simulation to prototype to production hardware.

Datatronics manufactures standard and custom current sense inductors and transformers to cover frequencies from 20Hz to 500KHz. Please contact factory for custom applications.

The VPX3490 is a multi-band pulsed microwave transmitter designed for applications within high-vibration, high-shock environments with a wide range of temperature variation typically found in supersonic aircraft pod mounted threat simulations. Additional features include an operating frequency range of 7.8 – 17.5 GHz, an RF peak power of 100 W, and MIL spec airborne qualification.

The Vampire Anomaly Detection and Data recording module is designed to record all of the energy on an MIL STD 1553 bus to an internal SD Card to allow for post flight and test analysis, along with playback of the recorded MIL STD 1553 traffic. The diode also has the capability to convert the MIL STD 1553 bus traffic to Ethernet UDP packets.

Spectrum Devices has developed a 2-30 MHz, 500 watt reference design using a pair of HF50-220 devices.

AR Microwave horn antennas take microwave coverage to a new level. Our broadband RF and microwave horn antennas are specially designed to compensate for the losses that typically occur in test systems as frequency increases