Introducing the most efficient, cost-effective cooling technology available for outdoor electronic enclosures: Cooling Filters from W. L. Gore & Associates. Unlike closed loop systems like AC and HEX, GORE Cooling Filters enable the use of direct air cooling by providing critical contamination protection – allowing you to take full advantage of the natural thermal efficiency of ambient air.
Literally proven on-the-battlefield, Anaren's tried and true line of connectorized components and EW subsystems continue to meet the performance, reliability, and durability demands of system engineers the world over.

QPF5005 is a multi-die front-end module (FEM) designed for 8 - 12 GHz X-Band applications.

Berkeley Nucleonics offers a wide range of RF instrumentation solutions for the most demanding RF and microwave applications. These products include Microwave Signal Generators, Phase Noise Testers, and compact, real-time Spectrum Analyzers.

The 100 W SMR H100 series is a fully modular space efficient amplifier fitting into a 3.5" rack space
The 100 Series of synthesized frequency converters are designed for both single and redundant operation in an outdoor environment...

12-position coaxial switches by RLC Electronics feature high reliability, outstanding electrical performance, and a long life. They’re available in terminated (absorptive) or non-terminated (reflective) configurations.

The NJM2232A is high precision FM IF IC with log amplifier, designed to be used for handy type wireless apparatus.