Current Headlines

  1. University of Bristol Makes Optically Tunable Microwave Antennas For 5G Networks

    Microwave antennas can be tuned successfully through interaction of light with silicon in order to meet the demand for increasing operating bandwidth and higher efficiencies promised by 5G communication networks, according to researchers at the University of Bristol.

  2. MathWorks Introduces 5G Library For New 3GPP Radio Technology Development

    MathWorks recently introduced a 5G Library aimed at supporting wireless design exploration in advance of the release of the initial 3GPP 5G standard specification in March 2018. The 5G Library provides functions and link-level reference designs that help wireless engineers explore the behavior and performance of 3GPP new radio technologies.

  3. Rakon's Small Form Factor OCSOs For Instrumentation, RADAR, And Electronic Defense

    Rakon has released new Oven Controlled SAW Oscillators in a miniature 25.4 x 22 x 12.7 mm SMD package, currently available in 400MHz, 500MHz, 600MHz, 800MHz, 1GHz and 1.2GHz and all designed to be soldered by reflow.

  4. VIAVI And ThinkRF Collaborate To Monitor 5G Spectrum

    ThinkRF Corp., the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis, today announced a collaboration with VIAVI Solutions to help mobile operators, field technicians and wireless equipment providers monitor and test next generation spectrum and devices, widely known as 5G. Working together, ThinkRF and VIAVI created a downconverter that extends VIAVI’s existing 2G/3G/4G CellAdvisor test equipment to 5G frequencies, including 27-30 GHz.

  5. Anokiwave Introduces 26 GHz Silicon 5G Active Antenna IC

    Anokiwave, Inc., an innovative company providing highly integrated IC solutions for mmW markets and Active Antenna based solutions, recently announced the expansion of its family of mmWave 5G ICs with the worldwide release of the AWMF-0135, a 24.25-27.5 GHz silicon active antenna quad core IC for 5G communications markets.

  6. Raytheon, MetTel Team On Secure Government, Industry Communications Networks

    Raytheon and MetTel today announced a global security alliance to protect government and commercial communications networks against growing cybersecurity threats, including those that exploit the proliferating Internet of Things (IoT).

  7. Skyworks Enables Next Generation Tracking Devices

    Skyworks Solutions, Inc., an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors connecting people, places and things, today announced that its connectivity solutions are enabling next generation tracking devices, a new and exciting Internet of Things application. Specifically, Skyworks' high efficiency, front-end systems have been adopted by XY Findables, a market leader in nearable technology, to increase battery life and nearly double the range when compared to other personal item finders.

  8. Lighting The Path To 5G™: VIAVI Introduces Millimeter Wave Support In CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer

    VIAVI Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV) today announced that the CellAdvisor JD700B Series of Base Station Analyzers have been augmented to analyze spectrum and interference of 5G signals in the 28 GHz frequency band.

  9. Pentek Introduces Cost-Effective Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanning Recorder

    Pentek, Inc., recently announced an addition to its popular family of Talon Sentinel signal recording systems, the RTR 2613, which combines Pentek’s intelligent signal scanning software with real-time recording in a lightweight, portable and rugged package. The RTR 2613 allows SIGINT engineers to scan the 3 GHz spectrum for signals of interest and monitor or record instantaneous bandwidths up to 40 MHz once a signal of interest is detected.

  10. RF Acoustic Wave Filters: Who Has The Best IP Position To Face The 4G To 5G Transition?

    Since 2000 and the development of smartphones, the number of frequency bands used in mobile telecommunication has undergone a huge increase from 4 bands in the 2000’s to more than 30 bands today.