rutgers-3D (2) 3D-Printed Plastics With High Performance Electrical Circuits

Rutgers engineers have embedded high performance electrical circuits inside 3D-printed plastics, which could lead to smaller and versatile drones and better-performing small satellites, biomedical implants and smart structures.


  • Automotive Radio Frequencies Poster

    Mobile communications, Wi-Fi, V2X, C-V2X, navigation, radar, broadcast and EV charging are just some of the applications occupying automotive radio frequencies. Being able to manage coexistence and interference of various radio frequencies has become a major challenge for research, development, and testing. Download this poster to get an overview of the radio frequency bands and regulations in today's and tomorrow's cars.

Improve Doherty Amplifier In Efficiency And Output Power

The Doherty Amplifier is used in an increasing number of radio transmitter applications to improve energy efficiency. There are numerous ways to build the Doherty PA. This article begins with an overview of linearization and efficiency enhancement in Doherty amplifiers, highlights the associated challenges, and covers some of the numerous solutions for design.

The Benefits Of A Tunable RF Filter

Filters are a staple of RF designers everywhere, and especially in applications where the integrity of the signal cannot be compromised. When you’re only concerned about a single frequency, it’s relatively easy to add in a fixed-tuned filter. However, it becomes slightly more difficult when you need to cover multiple frequencies and can’t just utilize a roofing filter. To avoid having to use a bunch of individual filters, basically creating a complex switched filter bank module, a tunable filter may be the solution.

Antenna Considerations For Wi-Fi 6

The Wi-Fi Alliance has introduced the newest generation of Wi-Fi technology — Wi-Fi 6. This application note discusses Wi-Fi 6, how it will reduce power consumption, and how antennas and antenna systems must perform to function successfully in a Wi-Fi 6 world.

Blueprint For 3 GHz, 25 Gbps DOCSIS

Qorvo discusses the design layouts for a 3GHz, 25 Gbps DOCSIS with 1.8 GHz ESD as a steppingstone. Considerations on power consumption, coexistence with FDX, spectrum plans and interference from MoCA, LTE and Wi-Fi are discussed.


Connectors and Cable Assemblies for Medical Devices Connectors And Cable Assemblies For Medical Devices

Fischer Connectors® offers a line of connectors and cable assemblies that feature unparalleled signal integrity, fully secured connections, medical standard compliance, durability, 360° EMC shielding, and advanced ergonomics.

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    Qorvo® Enables Mobile Connectivity

    Mobile devices drive our connected world. Qorvo's RF solutions allow your next-generation mobile devices to deliver the experience that consumers expect.



Skyworks is the industry’s leading wireless semiconductor company focused on RF and complete semiconductor systems for mobile communications applications...

EM Software & Systems (USA) Inc. is established to distribute and support FEKO in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. FEKO is a leading CEM code for the analysis of: antennas (wire antennas, patch antennas, horn antennas, integrated antenna systems, etc.), antenna placement on electrically small and large structures, electromagnetic compatibility, microstrip circuits and antennas in stratified media and dielectric bodies.

Feedthru Capacitors|Ceramic Filters|RF Interference Control|Design Consulting

Mini-Systems, Inc. (MSI), since 1968 has manufactured high reliability, precision components for the Hybrid and Microelectronic industries



  • AR RF/ Microwave Instruments Hiring Regional Sales Manager

    AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is coming off double-digit growth in its fiscal year that ended 30 September and seeks to bolster its field sales presence worldwide. AR is a leader in the design and manufacturer of high-power broadband amplifiers and a provider of total EMC solutions. They are seeking domestic and international Regional Sales Managers responsible for selling through a network of affiliates.

  • RFMW Stocks Knowles DLI “5G” RF Portfolio

    RFMW announces an expanded stocking package with Knowles Precision Devices / Dielectric Laboratories diverse RF product portfolio.   The new stocking profile covers catalogue filters from 1200 MHz to 42 GHz along with a broad range of surface mount couplers and power dividers (both Wilkinson and resistive). Stocking these additional devices allows further growth in markets where customers have a strong focus in RF and Microwave development, such as 5G designs.

  • Cadence Completes Acquisition Of AWR Corporation From National Instruments

    Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced today that it has completed the acquisition of AWR Corporation from National Instruments Corporation. 

  • Taoglas Settles Litigation Against 2J Antennas

    Taoglas®, a leading provider of next-generation IoT solutions, today announced that Taoglas Group Holdings Limited and Taoglas USA, Inc. have resolved their litigation against 2J Antennas USA, Corp., 2J Antennas S.R.O, and Javier Ruben Flores Cuadras. 






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