• Qorvo's New Configurable PMIC For IoT And Compact Devices

    Introducing Qorvo's new PMIC for IoT and compact devices.The ACT88420 is ideal for space-constrained applications such as voice assistance, point-of-sale terminals, and networked cameras.

  • Video: ACT41000 Powering GaN PA

    The video provides an example using the ACT41000 to power up and down the QPA2211 GaN PA. This new highly integrated solution reduces complexity, improves reliability, allows intuitive tuning, and robust system design.

  • Video: Marki Microwave Portfolio

    Marki Microwave designs and manufactures high-frequency and broadband technology enabling the most sophisticated electronic systems in the world. Wireless communications, advanced radar, electronic warfare and sensing, high speed telecommunications, fundamental research in fields ranging from physics and asronomy to biology - these are the applications that push Marki to innovate relentlessly.


  • Failures in EMC testing often result in treating the symptoms of the issue rather than attacking the source. If we know the source of the issue rather than chasing the symptoms, we will save time and cost and eliminate frustration. In this discussion, we will attack EMC testing from a component standpoint so that when issues arise, we can pinpoint the solution.

  • Communications and data processing systems are evolving at breakneck speed. TEMPEST test equipment must also undergo continuous improvement to keep pace with these technological changes. Join the webinar to learn about new capabilities that test five challenging signals.

  • An essential part of the precision data acquisition signal chain process is filtering. In this webcast, the attendee will learn where filtering is required in the signal chain, the key specifications for different types of filters, and how to use Analog Filterwizard to design your filter.





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