Water_drop_antenna_lens_pillars Water Drop Antenna Lens

This novel ‘water drop’  antenna lens design for directing radio wave signals was developed by a pair of antenna engineers from ESA and Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology, KTH.


  • Simplify Coexistence And Interference Testing For GNSS Receivers

    The R&S®SMW200A GNSS simulator offers an easy and convenient way to test your receiver design against a wide variety of potential interferers and jammers. Test cases extend from simple coexistence simulations to complex interference scenarios with localized emitters.

GNSS Receiver Stimulation On Automotive Test Beds For Self-Driving Cars

Integrating the R&S®SMBV100B GNSS simulator into the AVL DRIVINGCUBE™ toolchain creates new possibilities for validating advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving functions at the vehicle level. Combining a complete vehicle on a vehicle test bed with physical sensor stimulation results in fast, reproducible and cost-efficient testing. All possible driving scenarios can be executed under realistic and safe conditions.

Mass Connectivity In The 5G Era

The fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) is about to enable a fully connected world. With the dramatic increase in data rates and number of connected devices, users will soon be able to enjoy expanded communication between devices and no longer be limited to user-to-user and user-to-device communication. By 2025 an enormous 25 billion devices are expected to be connected under 5G.1. Download the full white paper for more information.

Characterizing Active Phased Array Antennas

Designing and implementing an active phased array antenna requires precise characterization of individual components and the integrated performance of the array. To ensure an accurate test of the intended adaptive nature of the active phased array antenna, the embedded algorithms need to be tested as well. This application note explains test procedures and offers recommendations towards characterization of the relevant parameters for active phased array antennas and their passive subsystem, as often used in applications for Mobile Communication and RADAR.

Automotive Ethernet: See The True Signal

As the move toward automotive Ethernet technology in vehicles accelerates, comprehensive design validation is vital to ensure interoperability and reliable operation across multiple ECUs. This application note provides information on automotive Ethernet, full-duplex communication, the need to separate master and slave signals, signal separation testing methodologies, and a comparison of the current directional coupler insertion method and the Tektronix new signal separation method.


170_MYB_7404_retusche-cmyk_horizontal_131031_150dpi_ppt Advanced Rigid Substrates For HF Applications, Ultra-Thin Build-Ups And Chip Packages

DYCONEX, an MST company, offers an advanced rigid multilayer substrate material permitting ultra-thin build-ups for various high frequency applications, particularly suitable for HF chip packaging.

  • 18 To 26.5 GHz Broadband TWT Amplifier

    130 Watts CW 18 To 26.5 GHz Broadband TWT Amplifier. The Model 130T18G26z5 is a self contained, forced air cooled, broadband traveling wave tube (TWT) microwave amplifier designed for applications where wide instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and moderate power output are required. A reliable TWT provides a conservative 130 watts minimum at the amplifier output connector


  • Product Demo - AR’s AA Field Generating Systems

    In this video Flynn Lawrence, AR’s Senior Applications Engineer, demonstrates AR’s AA Field Generating Systems. These solid-state field-generating systems comprise an amplifier/antenna combination in a single housing which can generate field strengths up to 50 V/m with two band-specific models covering 18 to 40 GHz.

  • Improving Performance Using FEKO And HyperStudy At Northrop Grumman

    Scott Burnside, Senior Antenna & RF Engineer at Northrop Grumman, explains how Altair Feko and HyperStudy can be combined to design and optimize antennas for land vehicles, helicopters, and aircrafts.

  • Airbus Helicopters Relies On Simulation To Develop Antennas Quickly And Efficiently

    Hervé Dutruc, antenna and communication expert at Airbus Helicopters, highlights some of the challenges the company faces for antenna design and installation definition. Airbus Helicopters relies on Altair Feko simulations to support the increased of use of composite materials and growing frequency for communication systems.

  • Altair Acquires Polliwog Co. Ltd, Growing Software Toolset For Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

    Altair has expanded into areas of systems simulation and electromagnetics. Altair’s Pollex PCB solvers and verification tools extend these capabilities into a new domain, allowing Altair to provide software for system-level design decisions.

  • Introducing CT Cables: Phase Constant Over Temperature

    HUBER+SUHNER introduces the CT cable product family for phase critical applications creating a stable and reliable interconnect solution to satisfy a huge range of customer applications where phase stability is key. This video introduces these products that provide industry leading phase vs. temperature performance, as well as a unique range of cable constructions to fulfill any customer demands.


Feedthru Capacitors|Ceramic Filters|RF Interference Control|Design Consulting

Remcom provides innovative electromagnetic simulation software and consulting services. Our products simplify the analysis of complex EM problems and lead the market in FDTD-based modeling and simulation.

Established in 1990, dB Control Corp., a subsidiary of the Electronic Technologies Group (ETG) of HEICO Corp., supplies mission-critical, often sole-source, products worldwide to military organizations, as well as to major defense contractors and commercial manufacturers.

<p>AR Modular RF designs and builds some of the most durable, innovative, dependable, and versatile RF amplifier modules and RF amplifier systems in the world.</p>



  • Marketing Coordinator- Marketing Automation

    AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation, world leader in the design & manufacture of broadband, RF amplifiers, is seeking a Marketing Coordinator to support AR’s e-mail marketing automation platform as well as working with the ad agency to manage the company’s website. 

  • AR Modular RF’s General Services Administration (GSA) Contract Update For Military Booster Amplifiers And Accessories

    AR Modular RF has announced recent updates to their General Services Administration (GSA) contract GS-07F-472AA by supplying tactical booster amplifiers for use with tactical military radios. The GSA schedule contract, which represents AR's continued momentum as a recognized supplier to the US Special Forces, Federal Government, US Military and authorized vendors will make it easier for government affiliates to purchase certain AR equipment.

  • AR Modular RF Selects KJS Marketing As Sales Representative For Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota And North Dakota

    AR Modular RF (ARM) has announced an extended synergistic relationship with KJS Marketing in the mid-west. KJS will now represent the ARM product lines in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota This is in addition to also representing ARM in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. KJS Marketing provides an expert team of sale professionals who will focus their sales efforts within the military, aerospace, telecom and medical markets concentrated within the Midwest region of the United States.

  • AR Modular RF Names W5 Engineering Sales Representative For Washington, Oregon And Idaho

    AR Modular RF has announced a new relationship with W5 Engineering in the Pacific Northwest. W5 Engineering will represent AR Modular RF products in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. W5 Engineering’s constant mission has been to understand their customer’s needs and unite them with the most appropriate technologies and innovative products from the best suited resources. W5 Engineering employs experienced representatives throughout the company’s territory. Their highest priority is to serve their clients by providing premium products that meet their most exacting requirements.






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