Antenna Kits


Horizon Technologies offers the new FlyingFish™ Airborne Satellite Monitoring System (ASMS) designed to enable international government bodies to passively monitor satellite communications from airborne monitoring platforms. This lightweight, cost-effective system can monitor Thuraya, and Isat-Pro networks, and can detect and intercept terminal and call activity such as voice, fax, data, and SMS within radio line-of-site.

The new idDAS APOI units from Cobham are Active Point of Interface devices designed to connect various DAS feeders such as BTSs (Base Transceiver Stations), small cells, RRHs (Radio Remote Heads), and/or off-air repeaters to digital DAS systems. Each unit features a patented, smart ALC control loop algorithm that enables the option of auto commissioning per port, or manual calibration per port.

The ARA-243 is the smallest, sturdiest, and most lightweight, foldable Yagi antenna available for UHF SATCOM Operations. The ARA-243KITHC is a kit that features four quick disconnect options for deployment in different operations.

  • A folding pistol grip for easy deployment and stowing
  • A sturdy tripod
  • A magnet mount
  • A spike mount

SAGE Millimeter offers the SAF-2434231535-358-X1 Ka-band scalar feed horn antenna designed to operate in the 24 to 42 GHz frequency range for use in Gaussian optical antennas, Cassegrian antennas, rapid system setups, and engineering setups. The antenna features a 15 dB nominal gain, 25 degree half typical power beamwidth, and nominal side lobe levels of -25 dB or lower.

Bird offers the FH-AV-KIT, a FlightHawk™ RF Aviation Test Kit designed for avionics testing and measurement applications. This kit includes a proven antenna and cable testing functionality of the FlightHawk handheld analyzer, all necessary adapters and cabling, and Bird’s aviation testing software that allows anyone on the maintenance team to test and verify all antenna systems in a fleet.

Communications & Power Industries, a recognized leader in design, development, and production of high-performance, offers highly engineered antenna systems solutions used for critical satellite communications, telemetry, tracking and control, earth observation, radar, electronic warfare, search and rescue, and other specialty applications. The Orbital Systems 7.3AE3BP-7.3m antenna positioner is designed and built to provide high reliability while withstanding severe environmental conditions.

A.H. Systems offers 16 different models of portable antenna kits, including biological antenna kits and tuned dipole sets. Each kit provides all the reliable antennas, current probes and accessories needed to satisfy a wide array of customer requirements.

Constantly changing for today's dynamic environment, A.H. Systems presents the proven line of Antenna Kits. Designed to meet the needs of your various testing requirements.