Antenna Kits


The ARA-243 is the smallest, sturdiest, and most lightweight, foldable Yagi antenna available for UHF SATCOM Operations. The ARA-243KITHC is a kit that features four quick disconnect options for deployment in different operations.

  • A folding pistol grip for easy deployment and stowing
  • A sturdy tripod
  • A magnet mount
  • A spike mount

A.H. Systems offers 16 different models of portable antenna kits, including biological antenna kits and tuned dipole sets. Each kit provides all the reliable antennas, current probes and accessories needed to satisfy a wide array of customer requirements.

The AK-571-4 Horn Antenna kit is the newest member of A.H. Systems family of antenna kits. This Antenna Kit provides a convenient solution for increased frequency requirements from 700 MHz to 40 GHz. As specifications include higher test frequency requirements so does the need for an accurate antenna solution. To help minimize any downtime the customer may be experiencing during testing we provide next-day, on-time delivery.

Communications & Power Industries, a recognized leader in design, development, and production of high-performance, offers highly engineered antenna systems solutions used for critical satellite communications, telemetry, tracking and control, earth observation, radar, electronic warfare, search and rescue, and other specialty applications. The Orbital Systems 7.3AE3BP-7.3m antenna positioner is designed and built to provide high reliability while withstanding severe environmental conditions.

Constantly changing for today's dynamic environment, A.H. Systems presents the proven line of Antenna Kits. Designed to meet the needs of your various testing requirements.

Bird offers the FH-AV-KIT, a FlightHawk™ RF Aviation Test Kit designed for avionics testing and measurement applications. This kit includes a proven antenna and cable testing functionality of the FlightHawk handheld analyzer, all necessary adapters and cabling, and Bird’s aviation testing software that allows anyone on the maintenance team to test and verify all antenna systems in a fleet.

For rapid deployment along with the mobility of small package, this Bilogical Antenna Kit provides an inexpensive solution to broadband applications.

D-TA offers the open-architecture MFEL-5000 as the most advanced and most cost effective ELINT solution in the market. The MFEL5000 uses dual antennas (OMNI & Spinner DF), dual receivers, and a large data storage server for multi-core software processing, recording, and analysis of signals of interests (SOIs).