Log Amplifiers


This 50dB Detector Log Video Amplifier operates in the 500 MHz to 18.0 GHz frequency range and is offered in a small, 2.2” x 1.5” x 0.4” housing. Planar diode detectors and integrated video circuitry provide high speed performance and outstanding reliability. The log slope of this DLVA is 50mV/dB and has a log linearity error of less than ±0.5dB. The logging range is -40 to +5dBm with a maximum rise time of 20nsec, maximum settling time of 45nsec and a recovery time of 150nsec typical. Additional information can be found on the available outline drawing (link below).

From Microsemi’s RF Integrated Solutions team comes this new full-featured Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier for applications requiring an extended dynamic range in a highly ruggedized housing. This log video amplifier provides signal sensitivity approaching thermal noise floor while maintaining excellent thermal stability for early warning radar receivers, threat detection equipment, electronic counter-measures and missile guidance systems.
The NJM2232A is high precision FM IF IC with log amplifier, designed to be used for handy type wireless apparatus.

These successive detection log video amplifiers cover the 1-20 GHz frequency range and are ideal for applications involving military and space, broadband test and measurement, ECM systems, power measurement and control circuits, DF radar systems, and EW, ELINT, and IFM receivers.

The Ultra-Miniature series of Logarithmic Amplifiers provide broadband performance and superb linearity over a wide temperature range. The UMSD range of logarithmic amplifiers are robustly constructed in lightweight aluminium alloy housings and are designed to withstand harsh mechanical environments.

This successive detection log video amplifier operates in the 8-18 GHz frequency range. Its housing is hermetically sealed, ruggedized, and measures in at only 1.2"L x 0.85"W x 0.4"H.

This successive detection log video amplifier is ideal for applications involving ECM systems, power measurement and control circuits, military and space, DF radar systems, EW, ELINT, and IFM receivers, and more.

The MAX4000/MAX4001/MAX4002 low-cost, low-power logarithmic amplifiers are designed to control RF power amplifiers (PA) operating in the 0.1GHz to 2.5GHz frequency range. A typical dynamic range of 45dB makes this family of log amps useful in a variety of wireless applications including cellular handset PA control, transmitter power measurement, and RSSI for terminal devices.