This antenna operates in the 240 to 318 MHz frequency range and features a quick deployment design, sturdy design for high wind conditions, and exceptionally high gain and low VSWR throughout the band. Additional features include right hand circular polarization, 50Ω impedance, 200 Watt power handling, a 3 dB axial ratio, and a black anodize finish. This antenna comes with 2 director sets, a mounting tripod, two 12.5 foot RF cables, and a rugged storage bag.

This omni-directional antenna operates in the 790 to 2700 MHz frequency range and is ideal for indoor DAS applications. This antenna is vertically polarized and designed to be easily mounted to a ceiling. It supports AMPS, GSM, PCS, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, WiFi 2.4 GHz, and includes a 25 cm feeding cable mit N jack (f) connector.

This vehicle-mounted antenna operates in the 1200-2000 MHz frequency range and features a rugged design. It's a fully qualified, Commerical Off the Shelf (COTS), TRL-7 (Technology Readiness Level) antenna. The gain has been tuned for 0° to 10° in elevation and azimuthal variations are ±1 dB. The low SWR ensures maximum power transfer to the antenna elements and minimal antenna heating at the tested 125 Watts CW. The design of the antenna passed the rigorous oak beam test which involves 25 oak beam strikes to the mid-point of the antenna at 25 MPH.
The Whisper 850 is a low-profile, directional antenna for in-building and outdoor cellular, microcell and wireless Local Loop applications

HUBER+SUHNER’s SENCITY® Rail MIMO is an omnidirectional antenna consisting of two broadband radiating elements for 2/3/4G communications and 2.4/5 GHz WiFi. It’s been designed for MIMO applications with high data rates and it can separate and direction the connection of multiple radio modules to one antenna without the need for additional power splitters of diplexers. It is now offered with 5 ports.

This antenna is a broadband monopole exhibiting exceptional gain in an omni-directional pattern and operates from 20 MHz to 800 MHz. Mechanical stability and isolation from environmental hazards is provided in a sealed dielectric radome that the antenna is mounted in, making it ideal for military applications. Additional features include low VSWR, and the ability to handle 100 W CW power. Rapid vehicle installation is made available with an included magnetic mount. A spring base with the NATO bolt pattern is also available.
Cobham Defense Electronic Systems - Nurad Division recently introduced Model 11C23300, a high performance, robust blade antenna qualified for supersonic flight. This L-Band (960 to 1220 MHz) antenna features omni-directional azimuth coverage, gain of a quarter wave monopole (3dB peak), vertical polarization, and low VSWR.

These are high-performance directional antennas. Welded, solid aluminum elements below 1 GHz and solid brass soldered elements above 1 GHz prevent intermodulation and yield very sturdy antennas that are well-suited for use in tracking interfering signals. Their Frequency ranges are from 500 MHz to 3,000 MHz, depending on the model. Additional information regarding Gain, VSWR, length, width, weight, element number, and antenna type can be found on the datasheet below.