Capacitors & Resistors


The use of a copper barrier instead of a nickel barrier, with a tin finish on top, is the solution Knowles Precision Services has developed for non-magnetic applications. 

Metal Frame J-Lead Terminal MLCC components offer enhanced performance under critical testing conditions, including thermal shock and mechanical vibrations.

Knowles Precision Devices offers multi-turn trimmer capacitors, fixed and variable inductors, multi-layer capacitors, and hardware for applications requiring non-magnetic high-performance components.

Milli-Cap capacitors are designed to deliver reliable, ultra-low loss operation across various applications including test equipment, fiber optic modules and broadband microwave/millimeter systems.

Knowles Precision Devices is now offering all-in-one Single Layer Capacitor (SLC) Design Kits for engineers to aid in improving efficiency of the development process and delivering products on time.

The MD Series includes the C0G, X7R, and X5R monolithic ceramic chips. The series is designed to offer the broadest variety of medical-grade capacitors to accommodate any number of implantable designs.