2731-100M Bipolar/LDMOS Transistor 2731-100M Bipolar/LDMOS Transistor
The 2731-100M is a high performance, common base, class C output stage offering 100W of peak power, 40% collector efficiency, excellent 8.0 dB power gain flatness, and a hermetically-sealed high reliability package for Air Traffic Control and Military Radar applications...
0405-500L: UHF Transistor For Long Pulsed Radar Applications 0405-500L: UHF Transistor For Long Pulsed Radar Applications
The 0405-500L is an internally-matched, common emitter transistor capable of providing 500 Watts of pulsed RF output power in a push-pull configuration at one thousand and one hundred microsecond pulse width twenty–six percent duty factor across the frequency band 400 to 450 MHz
S-Band Transistors S-Band Transistors
Integra’s lineup of S-band silicon bipolar power transistors boasts performance unmatched by any other vendor. These transistors are designed to address the most stringent requirements for civilian and military radar, including ground, naval, and airborne mechanically and electronically scanned antennas
High L-Band Series Transistors High L-Band Series Transistors
The High L-Band series transistors from Advanced Power Technology consists of three model types: 1517-20M, 1517-110M, and 1517-250M which cover the frequency for High L-Band Radar Applications from 1480 to 1650 MHz with a pulsed output power of 20W, 110W, and 250W respectively...
900-MHz Transistors 900-MHz Transistors
A family of 900-MHz high-power RF transistors is optimized for amplification of cellular base station signals
RF Transistor RF Transistor
Designed for CDMA and TDMA applications in the PCS band, model PTF10112 is an RF transistor that features gold top metal and gold bond wires
GaN HEMT RF Power Transistors GaN HEMT RF Power Transistors

Wolfspeed, a Cree Company, introduces a new series of GaN HEMT RF power transistors designed to enable broadband power amplifiers for commercial and military wireless communications and radar applications. These power devices are operate from a 28 V rail, and are developed using Wolfspeed’s proven 0.25 µm GaN-on-SiC process.

100 W GaN Amplifier And Doherty Transistor For Wireless Infrastructures 100 W GaN Amplifier And Doherty Transistor For Wireless Infrastructures

Qorvo offers the TGM2635-CP 100W GaN as an X-band, high power MMIC amplifier fabricated on Qorvo’s GaN on SiC Process. Its package is a 10-lead bolt-down with a cure Cu base for superior thermal management. Both RF ports allow for simple system integration, making the amplifier ideally suited for both military and commercial x-band radar systems and data links.

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