900-MHz Transistors 900-MHz Transistors
A family of 900-MHz high-power RF transistors is optimized for amplification of cellular base station signals
GaN on SiC Power Transistors GaN on SiC Power Transistors

Qorvo offers a large range of GaN on SiC power transistors as premiere solutions for GaN needs. These discrete power amplifiers are available in models that cover frequency ranges from DC-18 GHz. With a range of linear gain between 16.6 – 21 dB, and a saturated output power range between 37 and 54.2 dBm, these devices are ideal for a wide variety of broadband wireless, space, and military applications.

Avionics Pulsed Power RF Transistors Avionics Pulsed Power RF Transistors
Avionics Pulsed Power RF Transistors, M/A-COM MAPRST1030-1KS, a new 1,000 W peak, class C bipolar transistor designed for 1030 MHz pulsed avionics applications
Mobility Transistors Mobility Transistors
A family of low-noise pseudomorphic high-electron mobility transistors (PHEMT) uses the company’s latest-generation gallium arsenide (GaAs) fabrication process
Wideband RF Transistors Wideband RF Transistors
The PTF 10049 and PTF 10037 families of wideband, high-power, RF transistors are designed for use in the amplification of UHF frequencies
10500 Avionics Transistor 10500 Avionics Transistor
APT RF’s Avionics Transistor, 500W, Class C, common base power transistor is designed for Mode-S systems covering 1030-1090 MHz...
HF50-Series Bipolar Power Transistors HF50-Series Bipolar Power Transistors
Spectrum Devices is your source for low frequency high power devices. From legacy products to new designs, our 50 volt products offer drop-in equivalence to other manufacturers.
RF Transistors RF Transistors
Wideband RF transistors are optimized for amplification of DAB and DAR signals
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