960-1215 MHz 500W Avionics TACAN Transistor 960-1215 MHz 500W Avionics TACAN Transistor
The high power pulsed transistor device part number IB0912M500 is designed for systems operating over the instantaneous bandwidth of 960-1215 MHz. While operating in class C mode under TACAN pulsing conditions and Vcc=50V, this common base device supplies a minimum of 500 watts of peak pulse power. It utilizes a low loss internal input impedance matching structure to yield maximum device gain and to ease the implementation of external matching circuitry. The new generation bipolar transistor geometry utilizes a gold metallization system to achieve maximum reliability. Emitter ballast resistance is incorporated on the active cell for optimum thermal distribution and maximum reliability. All transistors are 100% screened for large signal RF parameters.
DME800 Avionics Transistor DME800 Avionics Transistor
APT-RF’s Avionics Transistor, 800W, Class C, common base power transistor is designed for broadband DME systems covering 1025-1150 MHz...
HF50-250 Bipolar Power Transistor HF50-250 Bipolar Power Transistor
The HF50-250 is a 50V epitaxial silicon NPN planar transistor designed primarily for SSB communications. This device utilizes emitter ballasting to achieve extreme ruggedness and reliability.
50 V GaN Transistors 50 V GaN Transistors

Qorvo offers a family of GaN transistors designed to serve a wide range of defense and commercial applications, including types of radar, communications, avionics, and test instrumentation. These transistors have an operating voltage of 50 V, are CW and pulsed capable, unmatched, and are lead-free and ROHS compliant.

2731-100M Bipolar/LDMOS Transistor 2731-100M Bipolar/LDMOS Transistor
The 2731-100M is a high performance, common base, class C output stage offering 100W of peak power, 40% collector efficiency, excellent 8.0 dB power gain flatness, and a hermetically-sealed high reliability package for Air Traffic Control and Military Radar applications...
GaN Wideband Transistor: MAGX-011086 GaN Wideband Transistor: MAGX-011086

The MAGX-011086 is a wideband transistor optimized for operations in DC - 6 GHz. This GaN HEMT is made with operating output power levels of 4W (36 dBm) in an industry standard, low inductance, and a surface mount QFN package.

3400 – 3600 MHz Thermally-Enhanced High-Power RF GaN On SiC HEMT: GTRA364002FC 3400 – 3600 MHz Thermally-Enhanced High-Power RF GaN On SiC HEMT: GTRA364002FC

Wolfspeed’s new GTRA364002FC is a thermally-enhanced high-power RF GaN on SiC HEMT designed for multi-standard cellular power amplifier and other wireless infrastructure applications in the 3400 – 3600 MHz frequency range. The device features an output power of 400 W, 13 dB gain, and operation at 48 V.

MDS1100 Avionics Transistor MDS1100 Avionics Transistor
APT-RF’s Avionics Transistor, Mode-S 1100W, Class C, common base power transistor is designed for standard Mode-S 128uS pulsing at 1030 MHz...
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