GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors

Northrop Grumman’s first three entries in their GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors have been developed for defense and commercial ground satellite communications terminal markets and the commercial wireless infrastructure market. These GaN MMIC Amplifiers/Transistors are ideal for several applications including point-to-point radio, phased-array radar, Military SatCom, and point-to-multipoint communications, SATCOM terminals, and more. Links to datasheets of the amplifiers that make up this line can be found below.

800-1000 MHz 12W P-Band Radar Transistor 800-1000 MHz 12W P-Band Radar Transistor
The IB0810M12 is a 12 watt, common base silicon bipolar transistor intended to operate in class C mode over the instantaneous operating frequency band of 870-990 MHz
UHF-Band RF Power MOSFET Transistor UHF-Band RF Power MOSFET Transistor
This high power transistor part number IDM500CW200 is designed for VHF/UHF-Band systems operating at 1 to 500 MHz. Operating at CW conditions, this dual MOSFET device supplies a minimum of 200 watts of power across the instantaneous operating bandwidth of 1 to 500 MHz
MDS1100 Avionics Transistor MDS1100 Avionics Transistor
APT-RF’s Avionics Transistor, Mode-S 1100W, Class C, common base power transistor is designed for standard Mode-S 128uS pulsing at 1030 MHz...
High-Efficiency Power Transistor: RF3932 High-Efficiency Power Transistor: RF3932
The RF3932 High-Efficiency Power Transistor is a 48V, 60W high power discrete amplifier designed for commercial wireless infrastructure, cellular and WiMAX infrastructure, industrial/scientific/medical, and general purpose broadband amplifier applications. Using an advanced high power density Gallium Nitride (GaN)semiconductor process, these high-performance amplifiers achieve high efficiency and flat gain over a broad frequency range in a single amplifier design.
 450MHz 500W UHF Radar Transistor 450MHz 500W UHF Radar Transistor
The high power pulsed radar transistor device part number IB450S500 is designed for UHF radar systems operating at 450 MHz. While operating in class C mode this common base device supplies a minimum of 500 watts of peak pulse power under the conditions of 30us pulse width and 10% duty cycle. All devices are 100% screened for large signal RF parameters...
VHF Transistors VHF Transistors
Integra’s lineup of VHF - VDMOS silicon MOSFET power transistors boasts performance unmatched by any other vendor. These common source power transistor devices offer the highest pulsed RF power and smallest circuit footprint available in any VHF - VDMOS silicon MOSFET high power transistors.
2GHz RF Transistors 2GHz RF Transistors
A family of 2-GHz high-power RF transistors features the PTF10120, 10043, 10035, and 10112 models
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