RF Power Transistor: 250 Watt, 50 Volt HF50-250 RF Power Transistor: 250 Watt, 50 Volt HF50-250
The HF50-250 RF Power transistor is designed for the 50V, 2-30 MHz RF Amplifier, RF Power Supply and RF Power Generator markets. Operating at 30 MHz and 50 Volts DC, the device will provide a minimum Power Gain of 14.5 dB, with the minimum Output Power specified at 250 Watts, PEP.
High Power 1214-370M Transistor High Power 1214-370M Transistor
This transistor provides RF pulsed Peak Power of 370 Watts at 330 us, 10%.
HF50-250 Bipolar Power Transistor HF50-250 Bipolar Power Transistor
The HF50-250 is a 50V epitaxial silicon NPN planar transistor designed primarily for SSB communications. This device utilizes emitter ballasting to achieve extreme ruggedness and reliability.
HF12-Series Bipolar Power Transistors HF12-Series Bipolar Power Transistors
Spectrum Devices is your source for low frequency high power devices. From legacy products to new designs, our 12 volt products offer drop-in equivalence to other manufacturers.
S-Band Medical Transistors S-Band Medical Transistors
Integra’s lineup of S-band silicon bipolar power transistors with the world’s highest power output, are unmatched by any other vendor. These transistors are designed to address the most stringent requirements for medical, civilian and military radar, including ground, naval, and airborne mechanically and electronically scanned antennas
UHF-Band RF Power MOSFET Transistor UHF-Band RF Power MOSFET Transistor
This high power transistor part number IDM500CW200 is designed for VHF/UHF-Band systems operating at 1 to 500 MHz. Operating at CW conditions, this dual MOSFET device supplies a minimum of 200 watts of power across the instantaneous operating bandwidth of 1 to 500 MHz
 450MHz 500W UHF Radar Transistor 450MHz 500W UHF Radar Transistor
The high power pulsed radar transistor device part number IB450S500 is designed for UHF radar systems operating at 450 MHz. While operating in class C mode this common base device supplies a minimum of 500 watts of peak pulse power under the conditions of 30us pulse width and 10% duty cycle. All devices are 100% screened for large signal RF parameters...
50 V GaN Transistors 50 V GaN Transistors

Qorvo offers a family of GaN transistors designed to serve a wide range of defense and commercial applications, including types of radar, communications, avionics, and test instrumentation. These transistors have an operating voltage of 50 V, are CW and pulsed capable, unmatched, and are lead-free and ROHS compliant.

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