IMS '24

IMS '24 is coming to Washington, D.C. this June for the first time since 1980! A lot has changed since then, both in D.C. and our industry.

Washington has become a national center for the arts, with many art galleries, museums, and theaters. In addition, the revitalization of the downtown central employment area has built on the area's long history as the city's economic and cultural epicenter.

Our industry has seen numerous changes over the past 44 years as well. So much so that attending events like IMS - the flagship event in a week dedicated to all things microwaves and RF - is critical if you want to keep up with everything new and exciting that is going on.

We'll be there, for the opening day workshops, Quantum Bootcamp, panel sessions, and closing plenary. We look forward to seeing you in sunny Washington for Capitalizing Across the Spectrum, great networking opportunities, and more.

Oh, one last thing. Why not check out some of the videos below that we recorded at IMS '23 in San Diego? It's your chance to get acquainted with some industry leaders and the expertise they offer before heading off to this year's event.

See you soon, D.C.!

The entire RF Globalnet team



QPF0219 is a multi-chip Front-End Module (FEM) designed for 2-18 GHz Wide-Band radar applications. The FEM integrates a T/R switch, a limiter, a low-noise amplifier and a power amplifier.

XtendedFlex 045 is a revolutionary cable in the XtendedFlex product line that boasts unrivaled compactness and flexibility.