The HBM series broadband balanced mixers cover the waveguide bands from 18–110 GHz. They utilize a low loss structure mated to a matched pair of GaAs Schottky beam lead diodes for minimum conversion loss and maximum bandwidth. Superior LO noise suppression and LO-RF isolation values are inherent design features

The MM1A-0832HPSM is a versatile, robust, and broadband double-balanced mixer with an integrated broadband LO driver amplifier that is ideal for wide bandwidths and operation at mmWave frequencies.

This externally biased balance mixer operates in the V Band and is ideal for applications involving radar systems, test instrumentation, and communication systems.
The HHM series broadband harmonic mixers cover full waveguide bands from 18 – 110 GHz. They utilize a low loss finline structure mated to a GaAs Schottky beam lead diode for minimum conversion loss and maximum bandwidth

The MMIQA-1040HPSM IQ mixer features an integrated broadband LO driver amplifier and is ideal for IQ, single sideband, and image reject mixing applications with wide bandwidths and mmWave operation.

The MM2-0530H is a passive MMIC triple balanced mixer. It features a broadband IF port that spans from 2 to 20 GHz, and has excellent spurious suppression. 

Millimeter Wave Balanced Mixers by Millitech are ideal for applications in test equipment, radars and radiometry, electronic warfare/ELINT, and communications.

Wideband Mixers from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.