Double Balanced Mixer/LO Amplifier: MM1A-1040HPSM-2

Marki - MM1A-1040HPSM-2

The MM1A-1040HPSM-2 is a versatile, robust, and broadband double balanced mixer with an integrated broadband LO driver amplifier. 

The MM1A-1040HPSM is ideal for applications with wide bandwidths and operation at mmWave frequencies. The integrated LO driver amplifier allows for operation with LO powers as low as +3dBm while retaining exceptional conversion loss and linearity.


  • RF/LO response: 10GHz - 40GHz
  • IF response: DC – 12GHz
  • Conversion Loss: 8 dB
  • Minimum LO drive: +3 dBm


  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • 5G
  • Radar