For over 30 years, Marki Microwave has solved its customers’ most complex problems by creating a robust portfolio of performance shattering RF and microwave components. Founded in 1991 with the goal to develop the best mixers in the industry, Marki Microwave now has the highest performance portfolio of broadband mixers, spanning frequencies from 10 MHz to 130 GHz+ in die, surface mount and connectorized form factors.

Today, Marki Microwave is a single source for high performance, broadband microwave products, supporting multiple form factors including die, surface mount and connectorized solutions for the entire RF block diagram. As demands from RF and microwave markets continue to evolve and the supply base consolidates, Marki Microwave remains dedicated to shattering performance barriers, expanding its catalog and empowering the industry to build next-generation systems.

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Precision MMWave


  • Disconnecting The Dots: Stellar Constellations With Stellar Connectorized Parts

    Marki showcased a mmWave up- and down-conversion chain using a fully coaxial connectorized lineup operating at 81GHz, demonstrating the power and flexibility of their 1.0mm connectorized product family at IMS 2023.

  • Using The MMIQ-0218 As A Vector Modulator

    The proper way to apply a DC current to the mixer is through a bias tee, allowing the high-frequency output from the mixer to absorb rather than reflect back into the mixer, potentially causing ripple or other degradation to the performance of the IQ mixer as a vector modulator.

  • LO To RF Isolations: Why A 10dB Buffer Is Best

    The LO to RF isolation of a mixer is a critical performance specification in most broadband applications. LO feedthrough can not only contaminate a system, but the noise fed from the LO path can degrade a system’s noise figure. 

  • Near-Zero Spike Leakage Of Marki Schottky Diode Limiters

    GaAs Schottky diodes in Marki Microwave limiters are created on a THz process, allowing them to switch on and off at incredibly high speeds. This, combined with novel circuit designs, allows us to offer devices with virtually zero spike leakage and nearly immediate recovery times.

  • Recovery Time Of GaAs Schottky Diode Limiters

    Limiters are crucial building blocks in Tx/Rx systems and are used to protect sensitive circuity from high power signals. System designers commonly place a limiter between the antenna and LNA, which protects the sensitive LNA and Rx signal chain.



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  • A Wilkinson power divider / combiner will split one signal or combine four signals with a nominal loss of 6-dB and isolation provided between ports. 

  • The BAL-0067 are integrated power divider-inverter baluns. This means they have a Wilkinson power divider on the common port, an inverter before the negative port, and a matched delay line on the positive port.

  • The ADM1-8007PC is a high-linearity, high gain, low noise distributed amplifier capable of providing +20dBm output power up to 35 GHz.

  • The CE20-0240 is a next generation broadband 2GHz to 40GHz, 20dB directional coupler from the Marki Elite Series. Conductive paint is applied to all Elite Series products to reduce EMI/RFI leakage and susceptibility. 

  • The characterization of microwave networks requires discriminating between forward and backward traveling waves. Unfortunately no directional device is perfect, leading to potentially dramatic measurement errors. In this note we show that return loss and VSWR measurements are greatly complicated by the finite performance of the directional device used to measure the reflected power.


  • The MM1-0626H is a passive double balanced MMIC mixer.  It features excellent conversion loss, superior isolations and spurious performance across a broad bandwidth, in a highly miniaturized form factor. 

  • The MM1-1857L is a passive double balanced MMIC mixer.  It features excellent conversion loss, superior isolations and spurious performance across a broad bandwidth, in a highly miniaturized form factor. 

  • The MM2-0530H is a passive MMIC triple balanced mixer. It features a broadband IF port that spans from 2 to 20 GHz, and has excellent spurious suppression. 

  • Our surface mount baluns are an excellent choice for analog to digital converters, digital to analog converters, samplers, balanced receivers, mixers, clock distribution, and general signal integrity applications.