Class K, 10-44 GHz Double Balanced Mixer: MM1-1044LCH-2

Marki - MM1-1044

The MM1-1044L is a low power GaAs MMIC double balanced mixer that is designed for and operates at the K and Ka band 5G frequencies.

MM1-1044L is a low power Ka band mixer that works well as both an up and down converter. This mixer offers low conversion loss and high LO to RF isolations over a broadband Ku to Ka band. The sister MM1-1044H is recommended for high linearity applications. The MM1-1044L is available as both wire bondable die and as connectorized modules.


  • Low +7 dBm minimum input drive
  • Low cost Ka band mixer
  • Small 0.77mm x 1.17mm form factor
  • 5G band coverage


  • Mobile test and measurement equipment
  • 5G
  • Power efficient modules