Atlanta Micro’s AM1031 gain block amplifier features 13 dB gain, a 2.0dB noise figure, +30 dBm OIP3, +17 dBm P1dB, a +3.3V, 56 mA supply, and high stability. It covers the 20 MHz to 8 GHz frequency range and comes in a 3mm QFN package.

Model SEM124 is a single-pole, double-throw electromechanical switch from Narda Microwave-East that operates from DC to 26.5 GHz with extremely low insertion loss, high isolation, and low VSWR.
Hybrid microwave integrated circuit applications utilizing stripline or microstrip substrates generally require that the active components be of appropriate size and integrity so that the physical constraints imposed by handling and bonding and electrical performance demands can be met...

TRM’s newest 2 way switched power divider, the SWDL22030, spans 0.5 GHz to 2.1 GHz. This compact unit  integrates a fail-safe switch into a small package. It is capable of operating over a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C to accommodate extreme, high altitude environments. Other features include a DC blocked RF path and a DC pass RF path. This part was designed to switch between two GPS receivers and two GPS antennas.

Designed for linear application in the 500 to 1000 MHz range. This amplifier utilizes class A RF Power MOSFET devices that provide high gain, wide dynamic range and an excellent 3rd order intercept. Suggested applications: multi-carrier, pulse, AM & FM modulation.

dB Control offers contract manufacturing services for high-voltage assemblies, high-voltage transformers, and power supplies. A reputation for reliability, engineering experience, a modern manufacturing facility, and a stable, experienced workforce are just a few of the benefits customers experience when using dB Control’s contract manufacturing services.

The A4 series of solid dielectric trimmer capacitors has been extended to include a 5 pF version that tunes from 0.6 to 5 pF with five full turns for fine resolution
Datatronic offers various RF Magnetics, including inductors and transformers.