The AT125 attenuator design kit from activCirk is comprised of commonly used attenuation values that are utilized for all MMIC integration projects. With 10 pcs of each value and labels on each part, these attenuators are ideal for mm-wave system, instrumentation, and full band system applications. They can also be used as gain set or impedance matching devices.

AR’s CI00402 RF Conducted Immunity Generator System is a self-contained test system used for military, medical, consumer electronics, automotive and aircraft markets.  This 9 kHz – 400 MHz user friendly system eliminates setup issues since it contains a signal generator, spectrum analyzer, 100-Watt RF amplifier, external directional coupler and AR emcwARe control software.

Wide Band-Gap devices, such as GaN offer several advantages over GaAs, including higher operating voltage (over 100V breakdown), higher operating temperature (over 150°C channel temperature), and higher power density (5-30W/mm). Despite these obvious advantages, the large output power capability presents a great deal of heat dissipation. SiC has an impressive thermal conductivity, but for large periphery GaN devices, it is not sufficient for eliminating thermal effects. GaN HEMTs can also suffer from the effects of trapping in the surface passivation along the gate width.
ALM-1522 is a low noise, high gain and high linearity balanced amplifier module operating in the 700MHz to 1100MHz frequency range. The exceptional noise and linearity performances are achieved through the use of Avago Technologies' proprietary 0.25um GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process.

Wireline® and Wirepac® quadrature couplers and hybrids are ideal for applications involving diplexers, digital broadcast transmitters, power dividers/combiners, IFF, directional couplers, single balance mixers, and 3 dB quadrature hybrid couplers.

AR Modular RF's line of lightweight, simple-to-use tactical booster amplifiers make communications clearer, more reliable, and longer range. They keep working in even the most extreme conditions. 

The RX5000 series amplifier-sequenced hybrid (ASH) receivers are designed for short-range control and data applications

JFW offers the 50PA-1144-XX 19-inch rack mount attenuator assembly comprising 50 Ohm sold-state step attenuators with an attenuation range of 0 to 62dB by 1dB steps and operation from 100 MHz to 18 GHz.