Surface-mount (SMD) and Thru-hole crystals
T8 Tubular Quartz Crystal Crystal
The C3 packaged Ceramic Quartz Crystal is an excellent low cost tight tolerance crystal with a footprint designed for high density surface mounting.
UM-1G gullwing UM-1 series quartz crystal
The MS1 crystals are high quality tuning fork resonators manufactured with a photolithographic process
The L2 SMD series SMD quartz crystal provides a broad range of frequencies and a low profile height, packaged in a robust, high reliability enclosure. The L2 SMD quartz crystal has a low cost with excellent electrical parameters.
L4 series low profile through-hole quartz crystal
This quartz crystal platform is ideal for integration into commercial applications. It can be used in notebooks, computer peripherals, Bluetooth and USB interfaces, PDAs, and automotive electronics.