At Coil Q, we pride ourselves in being experts in manufacturing rugged surface mount, precision, stable, mil-standard, low and high temperature resolderable inductive components for government communications applications since 1968.

The R&S®CMW500 wideband radio communication tester is the universal test platform for RF integration and protocol development. It is available as the R&S®CMW500 callbox and the R&S®CMW500 protocol tester. 

NuWaves Engineering offers the NuFilter™ series of cavity filters designed for applications operating within the 1 GHz to 20 GHz frequency range. Options for standard and custom models include 3 dB bandwidths from 3% to 28%, stop-band rejections of 80 dB, insertion losses of < 1 dB, and up to 50 W power handling (higher power ratings available upon request).

Laird Technologies’ fifth generation 2.4 GHz FHSS module sets the standard for industrial RF communication. Based on their proprietary FlexRF™ technology, this globally-accepted module will exceed most OEM application and performance requirements.
The Modelithics NLD Non-Linear Diode Library™ contains the industry's first and only substrate-scalable models for surface mount diodes. These reliable, measurement-based models will help you get the most from your RF/MW electronic design automation (EDA) software, reduce design cycle times, and lower product development costs
QuinStar Technology’s QLA series lens antennas are available with apertures ranging from 2 to 18 inches (50-457.2 mm) for any frequency in the 12-220 GHz range. These antennas consist of a lens which is fed (illuminated) by a specially-designed feed horn. They have inherently low sidelobes, particularly in comparison to Cassegrain reflector antennas, as there is no blockage of the main beam by a subreflector or feed structure...
Prescalers & Dividers
This Aeroflex inductive probe is ideal for use in the repair of modern printed circuit boards and is an active probe for non-contacting measurements. Ideal for checking synthesizer frequencies and mixing products, this probe measures magnetic fields emitted by ASICs, wires, and other electronic devices. This probe features a large usable frequency range, and integrated amplifier, and a rugged design.