This cavity diplexer features a compact size, a ruggedized package for Hi-Rel environments, high isolation and small separation between channels, and more. It operates in the 400-500 MHz frequency range and is ideal for airborne, ship, or vehicle mount applications in military environments.

The NuPower NW-PA-12A03A power amplifier has been designed to improve the range and link robustness of communications systems operating in the L- and S- bands. It covers the 1-2.5 GHz frequency range and features bidirectional operation, 40 dB transmit gain, an integrated 13 dB gain LNA, a compact size (3.00” x 2.00 “ x 1.15”), high efficiency GaN technology, and more.

The Corry Micronics team has developed a line of high-quality Plastic RF Filters. These Plastic RF Filters are extremely useful for when applications require components with a lighter weight. Types of Plastic RF Filters include band pass filters, diplexers, cavity power combiners, and notch filters.

The MXO 5 Series delivers breakthrough oscilloscope technology to speed up your understanding and testing of electronic systems.

GORE VNA microwave test assemblies provide the ultimate in performance for precision test applications with frequencies through 67 GHz and in which the cable is subject to constant and/or highly repetitive movement
Electronic Warfare, our revolutionary new designs will allow you to push your radar systems to the next level of performance

The MDPX-00002CH is a broadband passive MMIC diplexer, a combination low pass and high pass filters, capable of multiplexing low pass DC - 35.0 GHz and high pass 43.3 - 59.9 GHz signals.

Bliley’s 100 and 120 MHz 5th overtone crystals are vacuum sealed for excellent age rates and low resistances and achieve excellent in-circuit phase noise performance in oscillator designs. Doubly rotated crystal cuts are also available to help define a design’s turning point region.