Gore has a variety of microwave cable assemblies designed for the demanding applications of the defense industry

This successive detection log video amplifier operates in the 8-18 GHz frequency range. Its housing is hermetically sealed, ruggedized, and measures in at only 1.2"L x 0.85"W x 0.4"H.

COCAFIL is a mode-matching based CAD software suite for accurate, fast analysis and synthesis of waveguide coupled-cavity filters...
Designed for permanent attachment, the Linx PML 1/2-wave whip tilts 180 degrees and delivers outstanding performance in a cost-effective package. An internal counterpoise eliminates external ground plane dependence and maximizes performance. The antenna is attached by placing its base through a 1/4" hole in the product and securing it with a nut or by threading it into a PEM-style insert. The antenna attaches to a PCB or connector via an 8½-inch RG-174 coax cable. Custom lengths and terminations are available by special order.

3 dB 90° hybrid couplers are used to split an input signal with a 90° phase shift between output signals, or to combine two signals while maintain high isolation between them. MECA Electronics’ line of hybrid couplers includes 3 dB hybrid divider/combiners, 3 dB hybrid couplers, and 3 dB hybrid rings. 

The ACPM-5201 is a fully matched 10-pin surface mount module developed for UMTS Band1. This power amplifier module operates in the 1920-1980MHz bandwidth.

NuWaves' NW-PA-11C01A is a high performance solid state power amplifier ideal for applications involving broadband RF telemetry and military communication systems that require high reliability and high efficiency in a compact housing. It delivers 15 watts across the frequency band of 1.0 GHz to 2.6 GHz.

AR’s Tx/Rx Booster Amplifiers are designed for multi-band tactical radio usage. These amplifiers cover a wide frequency range, and are lightweight and portable, with some waterproof models available.