Datatronic produces a wide variety of "off the shelf" and custom inductors and chokes for EMI suppression in switching power supply and other filter applications.

The 0402CT Series of low-profile chip inductors are designed with maximum height of 0.45 mm. The series features 23 inductance values from 1.2 to 56 nH, excellent Q factor performancy up to 83 at 2.4 GHz, high self-resonant frequencies up to 27.5 GHz, and current handling capabilities up to 2.3 amps.

This new surface-mount low leakage limiter is designed to keep the RF input signals experienced by low-noise amplifiers and front end components of receivers to safe levels by attenuating signals above a specific threshold. They are essential components in the receive chain of many communications and electronics warfare systems in which high signal levels can degrade performance or destroy sensitive components. While there are many limiters available in the marketplace, the ACLM-805FM15 is highly unusual in its ability to handle such high power over a broad frequency range within the confines of a package with a very small footprint.
Industry Standard Replacements
At Coil-Q we can custom design any coil. We find solutions for the hard to find, complex, discontinued, retrofit utilizing industry standard forms.

Coilcraft offers the AGM2222 series of power inductors for high-current applications, including use with bi-directional 12V – 48 V DC-DC converters. With current ratings up to 110 Amps and very low DCR, these inductors are able to maintain high efficiency at 75 percent of a smaller size than previous generations.

Microsemi’s limiters are available as drop in modules or as connectorized assemblies. These products are designed for broadband limiting applications with selected ‘low leakage’ limiters for more sensitive receiver protection. Microsemi can also supply custom limiter designs including integrated assemblies such as, switch/limiter modules.
The PTL1005-F series photo-etched chip inductor is employed in GaAs FET matching circuits such as low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) and voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs).

Coilcraft offers the SER2211 series of shielded power inductors with exceptionally high current carrying capabilities up to 27.5 Amps. These inductors include a low resistance of only 1.05 mOhm, and other custom values are available to meet specific applications.