RF Ceramic Chip Inductors RF Ceramic Chip Inductors
Johanson Technology's High Frequency (RF) multilayer Inductors are a monolithic body made of low loss ceramic and high conductivity metal electrodes in EIA sizes 0201 through 0805...
Low Profile Chip Inductors: 0402CT Series Low Profile Chip Inductors: 0402CT Series

The 0402CT Series of low-profile chip inductors are designed with maximum height of 0.45 mm. The series features 23 inductance values from 1.2 to 56 nH, excellent Q factor performancy up to 83 at 2.4 GHz, high self-resonant frequencies up to 27.5 GHz, and current handling capabilities up to 2.3 amps.

RF Limiter Modules RF Limiter Modules
Microsemi’s limiters are available as drop in modules or as connectorized assemblies. These products are designed for broadband limiting applications with selected ‘low leakage’ limiters for more sensitive receiver protection. Microsemi can also supply custom limiter designs including integrated assemblies such as, switch/limiter modules.
Chip Inductor and Power Chokes
Three inductive components -- the CM10 SMD Chip Inductor and the SRR0603 and SRR0604 SMD Shielded Power Inductors
Shielded Surface Mount Inductors For Military RF Applications Shielded Surface Mount Inductors For Military RF Applications

Gowanda Electronics offers the industry’s first off-the-shelf Shielded RF Surface Mount (SMT) Inductors with established reliability (ER) ratings. This Gowanda ER5025S series compliments MIL-PRF-39010 QPL axial-leaded (thru-hole) products, and enables their conversion to SMT circuitry. These wirewound, molded, shielded inductors are designed for RF applications in military, aerospace and space markets, communication, guidance, security, radar, test and evaluation, and special mission applications.

S-Band 'Drop-In' Limiter Module: MALIML0024 S-Band 'Drop-In' Limiter Module: MALIML0024
This high reliability S-band ‘Drop-in’ limiter module features a weight and space saving design. By utilising Cobham Sensor Systems GMIC (Glass Microwave Integrated Circuit) Technology, integration applications can benefit from both small feature size and high performance.
High Frequency Wirewound Inductors High Frequency Wirewound Inductors
Datatronics designs and manufactures toroidal and air core magnetics to handle frequencies to 1GHz and beyond. For higher frequencies Datatronics can design and build Balun transformers. Please contact factory with your requirements.
Unshielded Thru-hole Inductors Unshielded Thru-hole Inductors
Datatronics produces a wide variety of "off the shelf" and custom inductors and chokes for EMI suppression in switching power supply and other filter applications.
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