S-Band 'Drop-In' Limiter Module: MALI-010365-000000 S-Band 'Drop-In' Limiter Module: MALI-010365-000000
This high reliability S-band ‘Drop-in’ limiter module features a weight and space saving design. By utilising Cobham Sensor Systems GMIC (Glass Microwave Integrated Circuit) Technology, integration applications can benefit from both small feature size and high performance.
Low-Profile Surface-Mount Inductor: Model DR331-5 Low-Profile Surface-Mount Inductor: Model DR331-5
Designers of small, compact or portable electronic equipment trying to pack lots of functionality into their layouts for printed circuit boards (PCBs) will find the new low-profile DR331-5 surface-mount inductor from Datatronic Distribution, Inc., offers outstanding EMI protection performance and reliability in a miniature package.
Ka-Band Active Waveguide Limiter: MALI-007214-000000 Ka-Band Active Waveguide Limiter: MALI-007214-000000
This Ka-Band active waveguide limiter allows the system direct control over when the limiting function is applied. Built In Test Equipment (BITE) indicates a short circuit RF diode when blanking.
RF Wirewound Chip Inductors RF Wirewound Chip Inductors
These high frequency High-Q chip inductors feature a monolithic body made of low loss ceramic wound with wire to achieve optimal high frequency performance...
Shielded Thru Hole Inductors Shielded Thru Hole Inductors
Datatronic produces a wide variety of "off the shelf" and custom inductors and chokes for EMI suppression in switching power supply and other filter applications.
Limiters Limiters
Advanced Control Components limiters will handle from 1W CW to 100CW. They are available in coaxial or stripline modules and are passive, broadband devices designed for receiver protection and power leveling applications
Wire Wound Inductors Wire Wound Inductors
Two surface-mount inductors measure 3.2 x 2.5 x 2.2 mm (CWS1210) and 4.5 x 3.2 x 3.2 mm (CWS1812).
0402 Wirewound Inductor 0402 Wirewound Inductor
The performance advantages of wirewound chip inductors are now available in a 0402 body size
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