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Mimix Broadband’s two stage 8.0-12.0/16.0-24.0 GHz GaAs MMIC doubler has a +16.0 dBm output drive and is an excellent LO doubler that can be used to drive fundamental mixer devices.
2.4 GHz Multilayer Antenna (AH104F2450S1-T) by Digi-Key
ECCOSTOCK® FFP is designed to infiltrate densely populated electronic packages, readily filling available volumes around components. It been used to stabilize crystal oscillators as well as other delicate components that need to be held in place or thermally protected
The BBM3Q5KHM (SKU 1122) is suitable for broadband mobile jamming and band-specific high power linear applications in the P/L/S frequency bands. This compact module utilizes high power advanced GaN devices that provide excellent power density, high efficiency, wide dynamic range and low distortion.

Ciao offers wideband power amplifiers that cover the 2-2.2 GHz frequency range with output power levels up to +32 dBm. They feature a +1.5 typical flat gain response, internal voltage regulators, reverse polarity protection, unconditional stability, and fast delivery.

The RFR3300 is an RF-to-IF front-end receiver designed for cellular, PCS and GPS signal processing. The device is the first front-end receiver...
Pole/Zero’s Integrated Cosite Equipment (ICE) represents an evolution of our standard filter products through utilization of various standard filter elements to achieve highly integrated designs.
Trilithic’s Bench Mount Attenuators are offered in a variety of step sizes, impedances, dynamic ranges, and connectors, and are designed for precision control of signal levels in the DC to 3.0 GHz range. The internal attenuators have specifically designed RF cables routing signals from all the units to a single pair of connectors located on the back panel. The BMA-35110 combines two of the quality RSA series units in a durable case suitable for bench or portable use.