Current Probes


QuinStar Technology offers expertise and advanced technology for the design and evaluation of antennas and components throughout the microwave and millimeter-wave spectrum (0.75 - 170 GHz)...

Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) delivers many high quality YIG products including closed and open loop YIG filters, YIG oscillators, YIG-tuned harmonic generators, and YIG-based integrated receiver front-ends/tuners. All YIG products are combined with advanced technology and state-of-the-art performance, and with sophisticated manufacturing techniques for consistent high quality.

The HAFM Series of active multipliers is available in models ranging from 18 to 140 GHz. A wide variety of multiplication factors from X2 up to X12 provide the customer with design flexibility for many applications. These multipliers can be cascaded to achieve higher order multiplication factors
This coaxial directional coupler delivers 10 dB of coupling from 225 MHz to 10 GHz, has flat frequency response characteristics, high directivity, and is ruggedized for both commercial and military applications.
Anatech Electronics Bandpass filters for wireless communication, are specifically designed for base stations, repeaters, and where higher performance higher power handling is required. The Wireless specifically targets wireless bands, such as GSM, GPS, Wlan, INMARSAT, DCS, UMTS, TCAS, DAB, AMPS, EGSM, CATV, and other Wireless bands.

HUBER+SUHNER's automotive division offers an array of RADOX® cables and complete cable systems designed to guarantee safe and durable connections in demanding environments, such as inside engine compartments.

This unit converts an industry standard 70, 140, or 160 MHz IF signal to S-Band. One or more RF filters (SAW or ceramic type depending on the requirements) reject the unwanted image and local oscillator signals. This front end is part of a MIMO system and is 802-11g compliant. While this converter operates at S-Band, similar systems have been developed for L, C, X, and Ku-Band
The AMT-1930-016 class A/B amplifier is designed as a single carrier amplifier that delivers 16 W of average power and 31 dB of gain