week-in-5G-graphic The Week in 5G: 3/9/2021 — DISH To Acquire Republic Wireless; India Explores Revamp Of Telecoms Laws

Plus, Russia launches its first multi-location 5G network for end consumers, the father of the cell phone weighs in on 5G development, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G.



Compatible with the previously released SKY67183-396LF and SKY67189-396LF, the SKY67181-396LF by Skyworks is a high gain, LNA. Applications include small cells, massive MIMO, macro basestations, and more.

The SKY67183-396LF and SKY67189-396LF models are broadband low-noise amplifiers designed for upcoming 5G network requirements. With features such as superior gain flatness, exceptional linearity, and an internal active bias circuitry, these LNA offers the ability to externally adjust supply current and provide stable performance over temperature and process variation.

With the expansion of 5G NR for mobile connectivity, industrial and manufacturing applications such as robotics, IoT, and smart factories with automation come into play. This video demonstrates how Wireless InSite predicts the coverage and interference and accounts for the multipath in complex environments such as heavy-industrial factories, warehouses, server farms and more.

This video introduces Skyworks' high-power switch solutions for 4G and 5G Time Division Duplexing Base station systems. These high-power switches utilize Skyworks’ internal PIN-diode processes and world class design expertise.


Analog Devices offers a range of beamformers for markets such as communications, aerospace and defense, and 5G wireless network infrastructure. Many of these products increase system flexibility and reconfigurability for multiple 5G use cases.

The ADRF5740 from Analog Devices is a Silicon Digital Attenuator. General applications include industrial scanners, test and measurement, cellular infrastructure, and more. 

The ADMV1013 and ADMV1014 from Analog Devices are ICs that operate over a very wide frequency range with 50 Ω-match from 24 GHz up to 44 GHz. This facilitates ease of design and reduces the costs of building a single platform that can cover all 5G mm Wave frequency bands including 28 GHz and 39 GHz. 

The S8702A RF Automation Toolset from Keysight  is a comprehensive program, enabling 5G device development engineers to quickly inspect and verify RF Transmitter and Receiver performance. The RF Automation Toolset addresses the need for specific tool access by providing a suite of RF transmitter and receiver tests based on the relevant 3GPP test specifications


  • Power Detector (100MHz to 70GHz): LTC5597 Datasheet

    The LTC5597 from Analog Devices is a Linear-in-dB RMS power detector with a 35dB dynamic range. The LTC5597 is a high accuracy RMS power detector that provides a very wide RF input bandwidth, from 100MHz up to 70GHz. This makes the device suitable for a wide range of RF and microwave applications, such as point-to-point microwave links, instrumentation and power control applications.

  • 4-Bit DSA (0.1 To 60 GHz): ADRF5740 Datasheet

    The ADRF5740 from Analog Devices is a Silicon Digital Attenuator. General applications include industrial scanners, test and measurement, cellular infrastructure, and more. 

  • Up/Down Converters (24 To 44 GHz): ADMV1013 Datasheet

    The ADMV1013 from Analog Devices is a wideband, microwave upconverter optimized for point to point microwave radio designs operating in the 24 GHz to 44 GHz radio frequency (RF) range.

  • Why GaN Is 5G’s Super ‘Power’: A Series

    While some feel GaN is still a relatively new technology, many can't dispute how it's advanced to the head of the class. Gallium Nitride is a technology on the cusp of dethroning silicon LDMOS, which has been the material of choice in high power applications. 

  • White Paper: S8702A RF Automation Toolset

    Keysight’s RF Automation Toolset leverages the E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platforms to provide users with a comprehensive range of tests to quickly verify the transmitter. The RF Automation Toolset user interface allows users to easily create test campaigns by simply adding one or more test modes.

  • High-Gain Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY67181-396LF Datasheet

    The SKY67181-396LF by Skyworks is a wide-band, low-noise amplifier featuring superior gain flatness and exceptional linearity. Designed for 4G LTE and 5G NR infrastructure systems, this amplifier operates from 3300 to 5000 MHz and has a compact 2 x 2 mm with an 8-pin, Dual Flat, No Lead package.