• Radar Antennas: Applications, Types, And Market Dynamics

    Radar antennas play a vital role in various applications such as weather forecasting, traffic control, and military operations. Current market growth is being driven by increasing demand across industries, advancements in technology leading to more efficient and eco-friendly options, and government regulations. Let’s take a closer look at these unsung heroes of modern radar systems.

  • NASA Soon To Rely More On Communications Providers

    As NASA winds down its TDRS constellation, it has partnered with SATCOM providers to fill in the communications gaps and reduce the risk of data loss and communication delays for future missions.

  • Exploring Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) In The Wi-Fi 6GHz Realm

    Examine the implications of Wi-Fi 6E/7 tri-band coexistence measures and how the FCC is working to ensure a harmonious coexistence between Wi-Fi and other licensed and unlicensed radios in the US.

  • I’ll See Your Autonomous Vehicle And Raise You An Autonomous Train

    Autonomous trains are used in various settings, including urban transit systems, metro and subway networks, freight transportation, and high-speed rail. They offer the potential to enhance the reliability and safety of train travel.

  • Wi-Fi 7: Start Me Up

    Soon to be all the rage, Wi-Fi 7 is coming and I ain’t too proud to beg that it happens soon. I won’t get angry or full of doom and gloom waiting for that day because time is on my side. But until certification day comes, I’ll shine a light on this new Wi-Fi standard and come to your emotional rescue.

  • Increasing Use Of EWs Posing Challenges To Global Aviation

    The use of electronic warfare in Ukraine and the Middle East is having its desired military effect. But it also is having an unintended effect: the disruption of commercial aviation.


22_12_RFG_BackChannel_450x300 Back Channel — Rolls Royce And Nuclear Reactors On The Moon, Ultra-Low-Power IoT Through RF, The Father Of Polish RF, And More

Back Channel presents the most captivating news and innovations in RF and microwaves. This week, we look at some AOC news, the successful test flight of an electric motor drive on a hybrid electric aircraft, a life well lived, and more.



5G Wi-Fi 6E devices and cellular infrastructure have evolved with more complex multi-band transceivers and new frequency bands that wireless test engineers must address. In this video, learn about JFW test systems, components, and customization offerings.

Finwave’s Thom Degnan introduces us to Finwave, whose GaN-on-Si technology aims to unlock the true power of the 5G infrastructure and handset marketplaces.

Jim Ahne of Guerrilla RF demonstrates a few examples of how Guerrilla’s high performance RF products are being utilized for innovation across the 5G and automotive industries.

The Rohde & Schwarz team presents a close look at cutting-edge solutions for 6G and the D-Band, including the ZNA Vector Network Analyzer.


These 2.92 mm switches come in SPDT, Multi-Position, Transfer (DPDT), and Terminated models, offering excellent RF performance in Return Loss (VSWR), Insertion Loss, and Isolation.

The Qorvo QPF7250 is an integrated front end module (iFEM) designed for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) systems which marries the advantages of active components with edgeBoost filter technology.

The Si5518B NetSync Network Synchronizer Clock combines the functions of a SyncE/IEEE 1588 PTP network synchronizer clock with a low phase noise 5G/eCPRI wireless jitter attenuator into a single IC device.

The Skyworks family of wireless jitter attenuators offers CMOS integration, reduced power, low noise and size without compromising the stringent performance and reliability required in wireless applications.