5G Videos

  1. High-Power PIN Diode Switches Video

    This video introduces Skyworks' high-power switch solutions for 4G and 5G Time Division Duplexing Base station systems. These high-power switches utilize Skyworks’ internal PIN-diode processes and world class design expertise.

  2. Sky5™ LiTE Diversity Receive LFEM Solutions Video

    The Sky5™ LiTE diversity and MIMO LFEM solution featuring optimal cost, regional-specific coverage ad carrier aggregation support, and scalability to enable global roaming.

  3. Sky5™ Ultra Front-End Platform Video

    The Sky5™ Ultra is a front-end platform designed for premium mobile flagship devices and prioritizes performance and size in a single global SKU approach.

  4. Sky5™ Unifying Platform Video

    The Sky5™ platforms comprise the Sky5™ Ultra and Sky5™ LiTE premium front-end platforms designed specifically for use in 5G networks.

  5. mmWave Filtering For 5G Applications

    Tim Brauner of Knowles Precision Devices (DLI) introduces their Ka-band frequency filters, and other custom designs to help solve these filtering challenges.

  6. RF Front End Solutions For Small Cell Applications

    For the newest generation of small cells that require high-efficiency PAs, Qorvo’s Jeff Gengler and Suma Kapilavai introduce the QPA9908 and QPA9903 for band 3 and 8 applications, and demonstrate the complete band 3 solution.

  7. Benefits Of Software Defined Radio

    Bob Muro of Pentek, Inc. talked to us about the importance of software defined radio in 5G networks.

  8. High-Power Switch For 5G Macro Stations Introduced By Skyworks

    Skyworks supports multiple facets of infrastructure, including 5G, macro stations, massive MIMO, small cells, and more. Here at our first day at IMS, Tim Kirstein and Thomas Valencia from Skyworks introduces their new SKY12245 high-power switch specifically designed for 5G macro station applications.

  9. Introducing Sky5™ Ultra Diversity Receive And MIMO LFEM Solutions

    Skyworks introduces Sky5™ Ultra solutions - their next generation of premium, baseband agnostic, diversity receive and MIMO solutions for the 5G global market.

  10. Video: Sky5™ Makes 5G Work

    Today’s shift towards faster 4G networks has transformed our world with entirely new mobile apps with higher connectivity. In the growing Internet of Things, these faster networks are extremely important for the seamless transfer of high amounts of data. 5G networks are the future technology that will connect the world we live in.