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TCI Launches Active Monitoring Software To Solve Spectrum Management And Scarcity Challenges

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October 12, 2022: Today TCI International, Inc. part of the SPX Technologies, Communications Technologies (CommTech) platform announces Spectrum Surveyor®, the first graphical interface solution of its kind to enable radio frequency regulators to proactively monitor and manage sensors, mobile, fixed and transportable stations across their networks.

The software empowers the critical shift from reactive to proactive spectrum monitoring, helping regulators solve today’s spectrum management and scarcity challenges.

In the new world of 5G, Spectrum Surveyor helps regulators determine who is transmitting on 5G frequencies, before establishing a transmission. It allows them to identify ‘white spaces’ by conducting long-term monitoring campaigns, observation, and investigation into any existing gaps. For those already operating in the 5G space, it will enable them to monitor more efficiently and with fewer resources, at the same time increasing the utilization of the existing monitoring network.

The new software integrates and leverages data collected by TCI hardware solutions, such as spectrum sensors, mobile, transportable and fixed monitoring stations. It addresses the evolving digital landscape, delivering automated and centralized monitoring of the spectrum and collecting real-time data on spectrum intelligence in the form of 3D visualizations. Spectrum Surveyor allows teams to automate routine tasks among groups of monitoring stations, and subsequently produce reports of the spectrum’s activity, immediately flagging any issues within the network.

“In recent years with 5G adding complexity, regulators have experienced a significant increase in the number of stations needed to monitor the spectrum and the progressive intricacy of the digital landscape,” says Ann Bustamante, Vice President of Business Development, Spectrum Monitoring Services (SMS) TCI. “This has led to additional considerations in the monitoring and reporting process, such as the need to centralize and simplify network control and data collection to be able to quickly identify the precise moment and location of a problem and to address it.”

TCI is continuing to innovate to optimize spectrum monitoring, including the future deployment of technologies to help self-classify information. Spectrum Surveyor is already being used by regulators in Europe and Eastern Europe.

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