WR-15 (50-75GHz) Waveguide Twist: WT90-1500WG

Marki - WT90-1500WG

Marki Microwave waveguide twists provide accurate offsets and directional changes for waveguide transmission lines and are built with high precision and then gold plated for high corrosion resistance.

They have very low loss and excellent VSWR. Manufactured to rigid specifications, these transmission line components provide minimum detrimental effects on overall system VSWR.


  • 50 to 75GHz operation
  • 90° twist
  • EIA WR-15 rectangular waveguide
  • UG-385/U input and output flanges
  • Copper construction
  • Brass flanges
  • Gold plated
  • Very low loss


  • 5G
  • Radar
  • Satellite Communications
  • Digital Communications