Integrated Drive Triple Balanced Mixer: MM2A-0530HPSM

Marki - MM2A-0530HPSM_

The MM2A-0530HPSM is a broadband triple balanced mixer with an integrated broadband LO driver amplifier, ideal for applications with wide and overlapping bandwidths and operation through the K band.

The integrated LO driver amplifier allows for operation with LO powers as low as +0dBm while retaining exceptional conversion loss and linearity.


  • RF/LO response: 5GHz - 30GHz
  • IF response: 2 – 22GHz
  • Integrated LO Driver Amplifier
  • Minimum LO drive: +0dBm
  • Conversion Loss: 8 dB


  • Single Sideband and Image Rejection Mixing
  • IQ Modulation / Demodulation
  • Vector Amplitude Modulation
  • Band Shifting
  • 5G Band Support