26 GHz Sentinel Intelligent Signal Scanner Recording System: Talon® RTX 2684

Source: Pentek, Inc.

Pentek offers the Talon® RTX 2684 as a 26 GHz sentinel intelligent signal scanner recording system. The system provides SIGINT engineers the ability to scan the RF spectrum from 1 GHz to 26 GHz for signals of interest and monitor or record bandwidths up to 500 MHz wide.

The Talon® RTX 2684 model is packaged in an extremely rugged, small form factor (SFF) 1/2 ATR chassis. Threshold detection allows the system to automatically lock onto and record signal bands. Scan results are displayed in a waterfall plot and can also be recorded to allow users to look back at some earlier spectral activity. Once a signal of interest is detected, the real-time recorder can capture and store hundreds of terabytes of data to disk, allowing users to store data spanning many hours.

For additional features and specifications on the Talon® RTX 2684, download the available datasheet.

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