Test And Measurement Products

  1. 800 To 2500 MHz Fan-Out CANbus-Based Switch Matrix With Ethernet Interface
    Dow-Key Microwave’s Solid Switch Matrix with Ethernet control interface, performs from 800 to 2500 MHz and is available in full fan-out configurations from 6X6 to 12X12
  2. Rack Mount Extended Frequency Remote Spectrum Analyzer: EVO-RSA-6070A

    Avcom offers the new EVO-RSA-6070A as part of the EVO Series of rack mount analyzers. This extended frequency remote spectrum analyzer is designed to operate in the 70 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range. This SDR-style technology analyzer with a wide bandwidth receiver, employing FPGA, DSP, and high-performance processors. The analyzer is based on a hybrid swept-FFT technology which provides extended frequency range and higher resolution.

  3. dB-3908 TWT Amplifier

    The dB-3908 TWT Amplifier (TWTA) is designed to use two wideband, periodic permanent magnet (PPM)-focused TWTs to amplify CW, AM, FM or pulse-modulated signals. The dB-3908 offers higher saturated output power and improved harmonic performance when compared to a single TWT approach.

  4. Digital Power Sensors

    The Bird Directional Power Sensor (DPS) is the most flexible RF sensor on the market today. With this Dual-Socket,Thruline® sensor, you may select from a wide range of Bird Elements to tailor the unit to your needs over a wide range of frequencies and power levels. Also, select field changeable input and output RF connectors from dozens of types including [N, BNC, HN, 7/16 DIN].

  5. Ultra-Compact, General-Purpose Low Noise Synthesizer: Model 845-M

    The 845-M is a compact (21 x 10.5 x 6 cm) low noise synthesizer covering the 0.4 GHz to 20 GHz frequency range. It offers 1 milli-Hz resolution, a less than 100 micro-second switching speed, and a less than 1 micro-second per point sweep.

  6. Millimeter Wave Phase Locked Synthesizer: PLS Series

    Millitech’s millimeter wave phase locked synthesizers are ideal for use in test and instrumentation sources, as drivers for multipliers, as local oscillators for radar, radiometer, and telecommunications transmitters and receivers, and in PLDRO/YIG replacement applications. They feature low phase noise, ease of use, and a small size.

  7. Handheld Spectrum Analyzer: Spectrum Master MS2711E

    Regulatory requirements are growing. You're under increasing pressure to cut costs. And improving system uptime is always a top priority. The MS2711E Spectrum Master helps you do all of this and more. Whether you are performing complex interference analyses or assessing signal quality, the MS2711E Spectrum Master delivers the ease of use, rich functionality, and best-in-class price/performance you've come to expect from Anritsu.

  8. Fast, Low-Noise Digital Signal Generator: SGD
    Aeroflex's SGD is a fast, low noise digital signal generator and is part of the Aeroflex S-Series of products. This generator is ideal for demanding, critical receiver measurement and rapid manufacturing, or for general purpose applications. It covers the 100 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range, features a fast settling time of 100 µs, and has a +13 dBm output with a +20 dBm option. Users have the option to design waveform files from simple generic or system specific templates as well as convert user designed waveforms into compatible formats with an embedded version of of IQCreator®, Aeroflex's powerful waveform creation tool. Waveforms designed in IQCreator® can include signal impairments and time markers to aid sychronization. Graphical displays of the waveform FFT, vector and constellation diagrams, etc. can be viewed and exported for use in other Windows™ applications.
  9. Microwave USB Power Sensor (MA24106A)

    The MA24106A power sensor is a USB power sensor that eliminates the need of a traditional power meter. It is designed to provide accurate average power measurements from 10 MHz to 6 GHz over 60 dB of dynamic range. It is a highly accurate, standalone instrument that communicates with a PC via USB or with many of the Anritsu handheld products (often requiring Option 19). The power measurement capability of MA24106A is intended to mimic that of a traditional thermal (thermo-electric) power sensor by providing true-RMS measurements, although the MA24106A offers a wider measurement range. Therefore, it is ideal for measuring average power of CW, modulated RF waveforms such as 3G, 4G, OFDM, and multi-tone signals. True RMS power measurements enable one to make accurate measurements regardless of the input signal type.

  10. 10 kHz To 40 GHz Power Meter - Model PM2003

    The Model PM2003 is a three-channel, high performance power meter that features high speed measurement capability and wide dynamic range.