AR Predefined Systems

Source: AR

Producing a system that excels in performance and reliability is easy when you have System Design and Applications Engineers with years of experience, Customer Service with global reach, and products that are known for performance and quality. AR has this very organization and product offerings. AR is here for you at each step to ensure that the system design, integration, and support of your EMC or RF system complies with your goals.

AR has designed hundreds of EMC systems covering frequency ranges from DC to 50 GHz, and power levels ranging from less the 10 V/m to thousands of V/m, in compliance with military, aviation, commercial and automotive test standards. AR also offers RF test systems, for applications such as wireless component reliability testing. Below is a list of predefined systems that are available for purchase or may be used as a starting point for your designs. These systems are designed to meet the requirements of a number of today's common EMC test standards. Depending on your needs, these systems can then be tailored and customized to meet your specific requirements as well as additional test requirements.

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