Satellite Products

  1. Passive SATCOM Antenna: ARA-0548D
    This passive SATCOM antenna is ideal for ground and shipboard on-the-move applications. It operates in the 240 – 400 MHz frequency range. Its power handling is 200 Watts CW, and has 50 Ohms impedance. The antenna weighs 11 lbs/5.0 kg, is housed in a composite radome for weather protection, and has a tan finish (though other color options are available).
  2. UHF Line-of-Sight/SATCOM Antenna: ARA-0548
    UHF Line of Sight antenna operates in the 225 to 400 MHz frequency range and is used to communicate with satellites with a low horizon orientation or with ground based signals. It’s ideal for SOTM (SATCOM-On-The-Move) operations. Its power handling at high angle is 200 Watt CW, and low angle in 100 Watts CW. Airborne and ground transceivers that accept 50 ohm antenna impedance and most tactical Multi-Band, Multi-Mode Receivers can be used in conjunction with the ARA-0548 antenna.
  3. CATV & Satellite Communications Models

    These 75 Ohm and 50 Ohm components (including RF switches, attenuators, power dividers, and test accessories) are ideal for engineers working in CATV, Broadcast TV, Multimedia and Satellite Communications applications. As cable operators have expanded to offer high speed data (per DOCSIS) over their hybrid fiber coaxial network (HFC) and telecommunications companies have expanded to offer internet television (IPTV), the line between cable operator and telecom company has blurred. Different approaches to offering high speed data and television services has created a need for 75 Ohm RF products that work higher in frequency in order to test products against emerging standards like DOCSIS 3.0 and MOCA.

  4. Satellite Link Emulator: SLE900
    dBm's SLE900 Satellite Link Emulator replaces the SLE700 model. This emulator can be used in applications involving payload testing, satellite ground equipment testing, satellite system integration test beds, earth terminal testing, mobile transceiver testing, and UAV testing. This newer model has a wider bandwidth and improved noise floor than the previous one. It also adds optional AWGN and multipath fading with up to 6 taps per channel.
  5. 16 Way Broadband Power Divider: DL 162030
    This 16 way broadband power divider can be applied to Radar and Satellite Communications systems requiring a division of power from a single input to 16 output ports in the 20 to 3000 MHz frequency range and is designed to withstand the most challenging environmental operating conditions. The 16-way power divider shows an insertion loss of less than 4.5 dB with minimum isolation of 18 dB. Input and Output VSWR maximum is 1.6:1 or better while the amplitude balance is 0.8 dB max. The output power of the device is ±20 dBm CW. Tested temperature range is -15° to +55° C.
  6. 16-Way C- & S-Band Power Divider: DMS 1645
    The DMS 1645 is a 16-Way C- & S-Band Power Divider suitable for Radar and Satellite Communications ground based applications requiring a division of power from a single input to 16 output ports in the 2.5 to 6.5 GHz frequency range. This model is available with either BMA or SMA connector types. The maximum insertion loss is less than 1.8 dB max at 6.5 GHz with minimum isolation of 20 dB. Input VSWR maximum is 1.5:1 and output is 1.25:1 or better while the amplitude balance is ±0.5 dB and phase balance is 8°. Power handling is 30 Watts max. Tested temperature range is -15° to +55° C.
  7. RF & MW Components For Space & Defense
    To help you deliver the multi-function, multi-mission solutions of the future, we proudly introduce the newly expanded Anaren Space & Defense Group. Now offering our widest range of integrated solutions ever including Precision building blocks — PWBs, LTCC, mil-spec components, Modules & assemblies — hybrid modules, complex PWB assemblies, IMAs, and complex microwave subsystems.
  8. Signal Analysis Software: Spectro-X

    X-COM’s Spectro-X signal analysis software graphically displays and analyzes recorded RF signals. Spectro-X displays vibrantly detailed video spectrograms to give users a clear picture of what is happening when it happens. It can analyze signals using powerful time domain and frequency processing techniques, view captured signals using multiple high-definition analysis windows, find hidden signals and classify unknown waveforms using Search and fingerprinting functions, and process unlimited file sizes.

  9. RF Editor, Graphical RF Signal Editor (WC-RF-EDITOR)

    X-COM’s RF Editor Visual RF Signal Creation Toolkit gives users the unique ability to visualize and manipulate RF signals with the same functionality as a music editor program. It can layout and visually align up to 10 independent “tracks” of RF data to create specific RF environments and test signals, Filter, shift-in-frequency and resample individual files to build valuable signal libraries, use captured spectrum from the IQC2110 or other source, and export created signals to the IQC2110 to generate the RF spectrum at bandwidths up to 110 MHz

  10. Antenna Used For WISE Satellite Program
    Cobham Sensor Systems (Exeter NH) was recently recognized by Ball Aerospace in support of the WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) Satellite Program acknowledging their “…contributions to the successful launch and operation of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer.” Cobham Exeter designed and manufactured the antenna used on the infrared radar platform.