Multi-Channel Phase Coherent Vector Signal Generator: VSG5000A

Source: X-COM Systems

This system is comprised of four independent vector signal generators that are able to be phase aligned to one or more of each other, allowing the creation of any complex RF signal environment with any type or mixed types of waveforms.

The versatility of the VSG5000A multi-channel phase coherent vector signal generator makes it ideal for several different types of applications. In wireless communications, it can be used to play back waveforms or create new waveforms in order to develop and test satellite and terrestrial voice and data networks. In radar applications, the system can be used to generate multiple signals with adjustable phase relationships to test phased array antennas. It can also be used to play back or recreate complex and dynamic battlefield spectrums for applications involving electronic warfare.

Each of the four signal generators in the VSG5000A system are independently programmable to play any waveform within an RF bandwidth of 110 MHz at a 50 MHz to 3 GHz or 6 GHz to 18 GHz carrier frequency. For additional information, download the datasheet.