High Temperature OCXOs: VN01 and VN03

Source: Wi2Wi LLC

High Temperature OCXOs: VN01 and VN03

These OCXOs (oven controlled crystal oscillators) cover the 10 to 50 MHz frequency range and are well suited for applications with high temperature operating environments.

The VN01 and VN03 OCXOs are able to operate at up to 90oC, a remarkable trait considering how an SC cut crystal functions in conjunction with an oscillator. This is especially useful for individuals working in satellite communications applications or with military systems as the oscillators can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, cooling requirements.

These two OCXOs share many of the same specifications, with the main differentiating factor being their overall size. The VN01 is 36.20L x 27.18W x 16.81H (mm), and the VN03 is 25.80L x 25.80W x 16.81H (mm). For more information, download the available datasheets or contact PDI directly.