Airborne Satellite Monitoring System: FlyingFish™

Source: Horizon Technologies
Airborne Satellite Monitoring System: FlyingFish™

Horizon Technologies offers the new FlyingFish™ Airborne Satellite Monitoring System (ASMS) designed to enable international government bodies to passively monitor satellite communications from airborne monitoring platforms. This lightweight, cost-effective system can monitor Thuraya, and Isat-Pro networks, and can detect and intercept terminal and call activity such as voice, fax, data, and SMS within radio line-of-site.

The FlyingFish™ ASMS offers the advantage of increased interception ranges greater than 400 km due to its better line of sight. The operator is able to toggle between the appropriate software and the antennae depending on which network is being monitored. The system is also capable of monitoring 32 duplex channels in Thuraya and IsatPro mode, and 6 Duplex channels where terminals using the original ACeS Garuda satellite service.

For more information on this monitoring system including the system overviews and modes of operation, download the datasheet.