Industry's Smallest EMI Feedthru Filter

Industry’s Smallest EMI Feedthru Filter

Design engineers are constantly trying to minimize space in creating smaller more efficient products.  Corry Micronics’ new Micro Spanner EMI Filter matches the smallest size chassis-mounted feedthrough the industry has ever seen.  The FT40 spanner bushing filter offers a miniature diameter of 0.071”and is the optimal form factor for designs that demand efficiency in a compact footprint.  Corry’s Micro Spanner is offered in a “C” filter configuration and provides capacitance from 10 pF to 5000 pF. 

Perhaps the most impressive attribute of the FT40 series is not its size but that it’s available off the shelf for immediate design prototyping or production implementation vs similar feedthrough filters that have an extremely long lead time. 

Other notable specifications include:

  • Operating Temperature: -55° C to +125° C 
  • Insulation Resistance @ 25° C: 10GΩ minimum 
  • WVDC: 50
  • DWV: 125

For information on the feedthru’s materials, mounting torque, typical insertion loss and more, download the datasheet.

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