New Products

  1. X-Band 6-Bit Phase Shifters

    Qorvo offers 6-bit digital phase shifters that operate over the 8 to 12 GHz frequency range. These phase shifters provide 360° of phase coverage with a LSB of 5.625°, and are capable of achieving a low RMS phase error of 4° with 6 dB of insertion loss.

  2. 5.0 - 6.0 GHz GaN Power Amplifier: TGA2307-SM

    Qorvo’s new TGA2307-SM is a GaN Power Amplifier able to operate over the 5.0 - 6.0 GHz frequency range. Fabricated on Qorvo's production 0.25um GaN on SiC process, this amplifier produces greater than 47 dBm of saturated output power with a power-added efficiency greater than 44%, and a large signal gain greater than 20 dB.

  3. Ka-Band Doubler with 1W Multi-stage Amplifier: TGC4603-SM

    The TGC4603-SM is a device comprised of a frequency doubler and a multi-stage amplifier designed for operation in the 13.5 – 16 GHz frequency range. This instrument is able to achieve more than 1 Watt of output power at only 3 dBm input power due to more than 70 dBc isolation between the input and doubled output frequency.

  4. Low-Band High-Power Limiter: TGL2210-SM

    Qorvo offers a new high-power receive protection circuit, or limiter, that is capable of withstanding up to 100 W incident power levels. This limiter operates in the 0.05 to 6 GHz frequency range, and permits less than 17 dBm flat leakage to pass through while contributing less than 0.7 dB in insertion loss.

  5. GaAs/GaN Power Doubler Hybrid Amplifiers

    The RFPD3210 and the RFPD3220 are new Hybrid Power Doubler Amplifier modules from Qorvo operating within the 45 to 1218 MHz frequency range. Features include excellent linearity, high return loss performance, extremely low distortion, and low noise.