CATV Hybrid Power Double Amplifier Module: QPA3250

Source: Qorvo
CATV Hybrid Power Double Amplifier Module: QPA3250

Qorvo’s QPA3250 is a hybrid power double amplifier module ideally used for Node+x and deep fiver node systems and CATV amplifier systems operating in the 45 – 1218 MHz range. Employing a GaAs pHEMT die and GaN die, the part offers extremely high output up to 76.8 dBmV composite power or 67 dBmV virtual level power.

The QPA3250 is optimized to work under DD (Digital Pre-Distortion) in order to save power or to improve linearity. The DC current as well as supply voltage of the device can be externally adjusted for optimum distortion performance versus power consumption over a wide range of output level.

Additional QPA3250 features include:

  • Extremely High Output Capability
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Superior Return Loss Performance
  • Optimal Reliability
  • 22.5 dB Min. Gain at 1218 MHz
  • 550 mA Max.
  • Device works at V+ between 24V and 34V
  • DOCSIS 3.1 Compliance

For more features and specifications on the QPA3250, download the available datasheet.