Featured Articles

  1. Introduction To SAW Filter Theory And Design Techniques

    Tradeoffs must be considered when selecting the best filter for system design applications. SAW filter technology offers reduced size and weight, which results in lower overall costs. This paper presents general SAW theory and performance information.

  2. Paving The Way To Self-Driving Cars With Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

    The excitement about the future of self-driving cars can make it easy to overlook numerous short-term developments by automotive manufacturers. Collectively known as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), these developments must be able to make cars safer, and their gradual introduction must also improve road safety. In addition, ADAS features represent an evolution in vehicle sensing, intelligence, and control that will ultimately lead to self-driving cars. This white paper discusses the challenges in ADAS adoption, and the importance of using the most advanced technologies for its future.

  3. RF Testing On Automotive Infotainment Devices

    This application note highlights some of the RF measurement challenges and introduces Rohde & Schwarz equipment required for relevant RF characterization of car infotainment devices.

  4. Automotive Radar Sensors - Transmit Signal Analysis And Inference Tests

    This Application Note highlights signal measurements and analysis of automotive radars that are crucial during the development and verification stages. Particular emphasis is placed on a setup to verify the functionality of a radar in case of radio interference.

  5. Utilizing VSS Test Benches For Verizon 5G Technical Forum Downlink System

    Proposals for next-gen 5G waveforms are converging towards using cyclic-prefix orthagonal frequency division multiplexing (CP-OFDM) for 5G New Radio (NR). CP-OFDM is used by LTE and ranks best on compatibility with multi-antenna technologies, high spectral efficiency, and low implementation complexity. 

  6. Design Technologies For MIMO And Phased-Array Antenna Development

    Complexity and cost issues involved in developing communications systems based on phased-array antennas are addressed through new functionalities in electronic design automation (EDA) software, which enables designers to develop new system architectures, component specifications, and implementation of the physical design of individual components, as well as verify performance prior to prototyping.

  7. Introduction To The MediSpec Medical Plastic Circular Interconnect System

    Circular connectors are often used in medical equipment for a variety of applications, including surgical, electrophysiology, imaging, and monitoring applications. Many of these applications require high mating cycles, sterilization resistance, easy push/pull cable connect/disconnect, and bio-compatibility. 

  8. Automotive Quality Standards 101: What Does Qualification Really Get You?

    Today’s automotive sector has overtaken the computers and communications as the fastest-growing market for electronic systems. As car technologies advance towards sophisticated driver-assistance systems and self-driving cars, several design factors have become even more critical.

  9. Reintroduction To Gunn Oscillators

    Despite being an older technology, Gunn oscillators have been playing a unique role in replacing the tube to generate low to medium level microwave power within the 2 to 140 GHz frequency range. New engineers may have some opportunities to use this technology due to the birth of three terminal-based devices such as HBT, MOSFET, and pHEMT. 

  10. Basic RF Amplifier Measurements Using The R&S ZNB Vector Network Analyzer And "SMARTerCal"

    Rohde & Schwarz’s family of ZNB vector network analyzers (VNAs) is ideal for analyzing an RF amplifier’s small signal linear and nonlinear performance. This app note demonstrates how to configure and use the R&S® ZNB vector network analyzer.