Featured Articles

  1. Understanding Cased/Caseless Hybrid Couplers

    This white paper covers the different types of Anaren cased and caseless hybrid couplers, as well as their typical operating characteristics, and equations for each specification.

  2. How To Quickly Evaluate High-Performance Oscillators Using Holzworth HA7402A Phase Noise Analyzer

    The process of evaluating the performance of ultra-low-phase noise oscillators requires phase noise test systems with lower measurement times, lower noise floor capabilities, and high reliability and repeatability of test data.

  3. Noise Power Ratio Signal Generation And Measurement

    There are many noise power ratio (NPR) measurement techniques used to test high performance multi-carrier amplifiers. Rohde & Schwarz offers this application note to assist as a guide to generating NPR stimulus signals and measure the resulting NPR of a device under test. 

  4. Pulse Descriptor Word (PDW) Streaming With The R&S®SMW200A

    Radar warning receivers (RWR) and electronic support measures (ESM) require signal validation against realistic and agile radar scenarios. In the past, these complex scenarios have only been available with dedicated and highly integrated radar scenario simulators. Now, the R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator has been designed with the capabilities to take on the role. The instrument can generate the most modern I/Q modulated radar signals from streamed pulse descriptor words (PDW) received via LAN.

  5. Understanding Abracon Quartz Crystal Oscillators

    Abracon delivers quick-turn, programmable, quartz crystal oscillators featuring single PLL architecture with EPROM, wide frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 133 MHz, and four different package styles. 

  6. Using A VNA As A Multipurpose Tool

    When considering a VNA for applications like signal generation, spectral analysis, and power metering, it is important to take its architecture into account, such as the type of oscillator, receiver configuration, general oscillator specifications, and the time delay of the RF signal. 

  7. Where Is Wi-Fi Heading?

    What matters the most to the future of Wi-Fi technologies? Major concerns include high data rate, high capacity, and a good range of coverage. This white paper covers these areas of interest, the problems involved in implementing Wi-Fi growth requirements, and possible solutions.

  8. Role Call: Senior Hardware Engineer

    RF Globalnet's Role Call series offers a “peek behind the curtain” at different jobs and career paths in the RF and microwave industry. Our most recent subject is Tom Offer, a Senior Hardware Engineer with CommAgility. Tom’s experience has included work with embedded systems, FPGA, and digital signal processing within RF, LTE, telecommunications, and other wireless markets.

  9. How Not To Run Hot: Overcoming Thermal Challenges In Wi-Fi Front End Designs (Part 1)

    It can be hard to fully account for thermal management and affected parameters in wireless access points or customer premises equipment prior to FCC certification. This article is the first in a series that looks at the design challenges for Wi-Fi front end designs. Part 2 will cover coexistence and interference.

  10. Choosing Surface-Mount Splitters/Combiners In A Narrow Market Of Options

    RF power splitters/combiner options shrink considerably as a search is narrowed to broadband, surface mount, and higher RF power rating characteristics. This app note presents BBTLine (BroadBand Transmission Line) surface-mount splitters/combiners to address this market deficiency.