Featured Articles

  1. White Paper: Modeling RF Propagation In Mines Using Wireless InSite

    This paper presents results from modeling RF propagation in a mine using Wireless InSite®. The Edgar Mine in Idaho Springs, CO provided the realistic scenario for the model. The path loss exponent was evaluated for a 5m section of the modeled mine by considering three different materials and three different standard deviation of surface roughness values for dry granite. When comparing this simulated data with data retrieved from the Edgar Mine it was determined that the Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD) ray tracing code, of Wireless InSite, can portray a communications system within a mine environment.

  2. White Paper: Complex 3D Modeling Of Sea To Land Scenario

    This paper presents results from sea to land propagation using Wireless InSite®. The effort explores the effects of various elements in the scene and how they impact the results. The various elements in the scene include the ships out at sea, the ships docked, the docks themselves, the buildings around the dock area, and the material properties of each.

  3. Advancements In Broadband Amplifiers

    The basic amplifier design and mode of operation have remained relatively unchanged until recently. This white paper discusses recent advancements in amplifier design that provide flexibility and efficiency, creating a new class of “smart amplifiers.” These new amplifiers allow for user-defined, dynamic, and simultaneous variation of the core amplifier parameters during operation, and enable the optimization of performance for an extremely wide range of applications.

  4. Design Of A BAW Quadplexer Module Using NI AWR Software

    This application note describes the design of a carrier aggregation (CA) bulk acoustic wave (BAW) quadplexer module. The module is intended for the LTE-3 and LTE-7 bands, with high in-band and cross-band isolation. 

  5. Automotive Radar Technology, Market And Test Requirements

    The automotive industry is continuously adding more radar sensors that support drivers in critical situations. Radar enables quick, precise measurement of the radial velocity, range, azimuth angle and elevation angle of multiple objects, so it is often used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

  6. Preparing For The SWARM

    Commercial and government programs are aiming to employ “swarms” of UAV’s in domestic and overseas operations. This includes counter-UAS systems, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, near-space and hurricane hunting drones. Swarms of UAVs can be controlled through autonomous UAV synchronization and formation flight, requiring minimal sensor operators.

  7. Is Your Project On Schedule?

    Sometimes answering the question of the status of a project can become difficult or complicated. Gaining an understanding of program status in these environments starts with ensuring that each step in the engineering process is clearly bounded. This article discusses how to better answer whether a project is on schedule and how NuWaves Engineering can help.

  8. An Overview Of The PXI Platform

    The PXI is a PC-based platform designed for measurement and automation systems. The software powered platform combines PCI electrical-bus features with the modular, Eurocard packaging of CompactPCI and then adds specialized synchronization buses and key software features. 

  9. Thermal Analysis And Its Application To High Power GaN HEMT Amplifiers

    A systematic and consistent approach to the thermal modeling and measurement of GaN on SiC HEMT power transistors is described. Since the power density of such multilayered wide bandgap structures and assemblies can be very high compared with other transistor technologies, the application of such an approach to the prediction of operating channel temperatures (and hence product lifetime) is important. This white paper discusses how to determine the maximum channel temperature under specific operating modes, particularly for products operating under CW conditions and dissipating large amounts of thermal energy.

  10. Reliability Of GaN/AlGaN HEMT MMIC Technology On 100-mm 4H-SiC

    This paper reports the reliability performance of the Cree, Inc., GaN/AlGaN HEMT MMIC process technology, fabricated on 100 mm high purity semi-insulating (HPSI) 4H-SiC substrates.