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A.H. Systems manufactures a complete line of affordable, reliable, individually calibrated EMC Test Antennas, Preamplifiers, Current Probes and Low-Loss, High - Frequency Cables that satisfy FCC, MIL-STD, VDE, IEC and SAE testing standards. We also provide tripods and accessories that compliment other EMC testing equipment used to complete your testing requirements. We provide rental programs for our equipment and offer recalibration services for Antennas, Preamplifiers, Current Probes and Cables, including other manufacturers worldwide. A.H. Systems provides next-day, on-time delivery for a fast turn around schedule to help minimize any down time the customer may be experiencing during testing. Manufacturing high quality products at competitive prices with immediate shipment plus prompt technical support are goals we strive to achieve at A.H. Systems.

Products /Services
A.H. Systems specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and calibration of quality and reliable equipment for EMC testing.

A.H. Systems Products are available directly from our facility in Chatsworth, CA and through our international Distributors and Representatives worldwide. A.H. Systems knowledge in EMC testing and antenna design enables us to offer a unique solution to specific customer problems. We are here to assist customers with their EMC/EMI testing requirements.


For broadcast stations, field strength measurements must be made at known locations around the antenna system. These measurements should be made on a regular interval with a calibrated antenna. Measurements must be made of the station’s fundamental frequency as well as the side lobes and harmonics to meet the spectrum mask required by the regulatory body.

A.H. Systems offers 16 different models of portable antenna kits, including biological antenna kits and tuned dipole sets. Each kit provides all the reliable antennas, current probes and accessories needed to satisfy a wide array of customer requirements.

A.H. Systems has designed and manufactured a family of 7 biconical antennas that operate efficiently over the 20 MHz to 18 GHz frequency range. Each antenna is made to provide reliable, repeatable measurements and is suitable for FCC, MIL-STD, VDE, TEMPEST, and immunity testing.

For rapid deployment along with the mobility of small package, these Bilogical Antennas and Kits provide an inexpensive solution to broadband applications.

A.H. Systems offers Current Probe devices designed to be used in generating and measuring high levels of RF current, and in many industrial and scientific applications. They can be used to measure conducted currents without making direct contact with the source conductor or metallic surface.

A.H. Systems offers a range of half wavelength resonant dipole antennas with operation frequencies between 25 MHz and 3 GHz as the foundation of every compliance testing lab. Ideal for site attenuation measurements, each antenna is manufactured with a balun loss of less than 0.5 dB and a VSWR ratio of less than 1.5:1.

The A.H. Systems' set of H-Field Rods provide an accurate standard for magnetic field testing. The rods are available individually or in a set of four to cover the frequency range of 100 Hz to 30 MHz.

Broadband antennas, compared to half wave dipoles, reduce test time because the technician did not have to stop the test to adjust the dipole antenna for each frequency. Most compliance standards now require the use of such antennas. The latest version of Mil-Std 461E states the used of broadband double ridge guide horn antenna as the antenna of choice for frequencies above 200 MHz.

A.H. Systems' offers 13 Log Periodic Antennas. Each antenna is lightweight, compact, rugged and has been manufactured to ensure maximum gain, low VSWR and high power handling capabilities.

A.H. Systems' designs, manufactures and delivers high performance Loop Antennas for a wide range of magnetic field testing. Whether used in a set to measure shielding effectiveness per MIL-STD 285 and NSA 65-6 or individually to satisfy specific requirements, the Loop Antennas are an efficient, low cost solution.

A.H Systems presents Monopole Antennas designed to provide superior performance in electric field measurements. Active Monopole Antennas are capable of driving any receiver with 50W input impedance, and can perform FCC, MIL-STD, and TEMPEST tests.

A.H. Systems' Preamplifier line is an excellent choice with a rugged design, no hassles with soldering your own power leads and they improve overall system sensitivity by at least 20 dB.

A.H. Systems carries the cables, adapters and other accessories for their corresponding antenna products. These include standard RF cables, high-frequency low-loss cables, tripods, and mounting adapters which can be modified to match the customer’s specification requirements. Able to meet the needs of any test lab application, A.H. Systems also offers antenna mounting adapters, tripods, carrying cases, and rods.