Current Probes

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Current Probes

A.H. Systems offers Current Probe devices designed to be used in generating and measuring high levels of RF current, and in many industrial and scientific applications. They can be used to measure conducted currents without making direct contact with the source conductor or metallic surface.

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The Injection Current Probe is a device used to inductively couple large RF currents into their conductors. With three separate models differing in insertion loss, aperture, and frequency range, these injection probes can be used as an injection source as well as a sensitive monitoring probe for high-frequency bulk injection testing.

Broadband Current Probes are ideal for measurement of conducted currents without making direct contact with the source conductor or metallic surface. With eight different models covering a variety of frequency ranges, these probes are designed to allow field intensity meters, spectrum analyzers, and other 50W impedance instruments to measure quantitative magnitudes of current. Measurements can be made on multiple different platforms including single and multi-conductor cables, ground and bonding straps, shielding conduits, and coaxial cables.

Click on a model below to learn more about its characteristics and included antennas.

Model Frequency Range Description
BCP-610 20 Hz - 20 MHz Broadband Current Probe
BCP-611 10 kHz - 150 MHz Broadband Current Probe
BCP-614 10 kHz - 300 MHz Broadband Current Probe
BCP-615 10 kHz - 500 MHz Broadband Current Probe
BCP-618 100 kHz - 500 MHz Broadband Current Probe
BCP-619 100 kHz - 100 MHz Broadband Current Probe
BCP-620 10 kHz - 500 MHz Broadband Current Probe
ICP-621 10 kHz - 100 MHz Injection Current Probe
ICP-622 2 MHz - 500 MHz Injection Current Probe
CPF-630 20 Hz - 500 MHz Current Probe Fixture
CPF-631 400 MHz - 1.5 GHz Current Probe Fixture


For more downloads and information on the A.H. Systems current probes, visit their webpage.


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