Broadcast Field Measurement Products

Source: A.H. Systems

For broadcast stations, field strength measurements must be made at known locations around the antenna system. These measurements should be made on a regular interval with a calibrated antenna. Measurements must be made of the station’s fundamental frequency as well as the side lobes and harmonics to meet the spectrum mask required by the regulatory body.

These products are ideally suited for these broadcast field measurements.

Product Model Frequency
Dipole Antenna TDS-535 25 MHz - 1 GHz
Dipole Antenna (dual set) TDS-535-2 25 MHz - 1 GHz
Dipole Antenna TV-1 50 MHz - 220 MHz
Dipole Antenna TV-2 325 MHz - 1 GHz
Active Monopole Antenna SAS-550-1B 9 kHz - 60 MHz
Biconical Antenna SAS-545 30 MHz - 1 GHz
Biconical Antenna SAS-547 1 GHz - 18 GHz
Tripod Carrying Case TCC-510  
Wood Tripod ATU 510  

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