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  1. Antenna Factor Concepts

    An antenna factor (AF) is the comparison between the field level presented to the antenna and the actual voltage produced by the antenna at its connector. This white paper explains the process of creating AF data and how to use it.

  2. Shielding Effectiveness Test Guide

    Many products incorporate electronics and wireless communications and need RF interference testing. This requires shielding enclosures that need proper testing to ensure their correct operation.

  3. How To Perform A Radiated Emissions Measurement

    This article by A.H. Systems presents a step-by-step process of measuring the ambient field strength values for a radiated emissions measurement.

  4. Basic Bulk Current Injection Testing

    Bulk current injection (BCI) testing is a conducted susceptibility procedure that uses an injection current probe. This paper provides an example of BCI testing, covering all steps, including gathering the required equipment, pre-calibration procedures, injection testing procedures, and safety precautions.

  5. Understanding Antenna Factors

    This white paper presents a brief introduction on the antenna factor, how to create AF data, and how to use AF data.

  6. VSWR vs. Returned Power Cheat Sheet

    This paper offers a cheat sheet to help understand the correlation of VSWR to the percentage of reflected power that will return.

  7. Understanding VSWR

    This white paper offers a brief overview on the history of VSWR, as well an introduction on short-circuit and open-circuit termination and the creation of standing waves.

  8. Boosting Weak Emissions Measurements

    In order to boost signal levels from antennas to receivers in an emissions test set-up, an engineer can use an RF preamplifier combined with an antenna in order to create an active antenna.

  9. Checklist On The 10 Factors You Need To Consider When Selecting An EMC Antenna

    The antenna is one of the least understood components in an EMC test instrumentation set-up, and a poor choice of antenna(s) can lead to multiple problems including erroneous test data, failed tests, lengthy or difficult test procedures, and challenges with repeatability.

  10. Typical RF Related Formula Conversion Guide

    A.H. System offers an application note that delivers a list of conversion factors used for EMI, EMC, and RF applications. The paper also includes how they are derived, and why they would be used.