EMC Testing Portable Antenna Kits

Source: A.H. Systems

Antenna Kit

A.H. Systems offers 16 different models of portable antenna kits, including biological antenna kits and tuned dipole sets. Each kit provides all the reliable antennas, current probes and accessories needed to satisfy a wide array of customer requirements.

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Model Frequency Range  Description 
AK-2G 20 Hz - 2 GHz Antenna Kit - Multiple Antennas
AK-4G 20 Hz - 4 GHz Antenna Kit - Multiple Antennas
AK-7G 20 Hz - 7 GHz Antenna Kit - Multiple Antennas
AK-18G 20 Hz - 18 GHz Antenna Kit - Multiple Antennas
AK-26G 20 Hz - 26.5 GHz Antenna Kit - Multiple Antennas
AK-40G 20 Hz - 40 GHz Antenna Kit - Multiple Antennas
AK-285T 1 KHz - 18 GHz Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kit, Transmit Antennas
AK-285R 1 KHz - 18 GHz Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kit, Receive Antennas
AK-HFR 100 Hz - 30 MHz H-Field Rod Antenna Kit
AK-571-4 700 MHz - 40 GHz Double Ridge Guide Horn Antenna Kit

Bilogical Antenna Kits

A.H. Systems' 3 models of Bilogical Antenna Kits operate efficiently over the frequency range of 25 MHz to 7 GHz. For rapid deployment along with the mobility of small package, these Bilogical Antenna Kits provides an inexpensive solution to broadband applications. Suitable for FCC, MIL-STD, VDE, TEMPEST, and immunity testing, each Bilogical antenna will provide reliable, repeatable measurements. The ability to sweep in one trace makes the Bilogical antenna a versatile performer.

Model Frequency Range Description
AK-521F-2 25 MHz - 2000 MHz Bilogical Antenna Kit
AK-521F-4 25 MHz - 4000 MHz Bilogical Antenna Kit
AK-521F-7 25 MHz - 7000 MHz Bilogical Antenna Kit

Tuned Dipole Sets

A.H. Systems offers 3 tuned dipole sets manufactured per the FCC design. Maximum performance, portability (compact size and lightweight), and rapid deployment make each of the Tuned Dipole Sets a reliable standout for field testing. Each component has a specific storage compartment in the carrying case therefore loss and breakage are virtually eliminated. Cables, a tape measure, balun mounting clamp and carrying case accompany each Dipole Set. Click on a model below to learn more about its characteristics and included antennas.

Model Frequency Range Description
TDS-535 25 MHz - 1000 MHz Tuned Dipole Antenna Set
TDS-535-2 25 MHz - 1000 MHz Tuned Dipole Antenna Set Double
TDS-536 VHF - UHF Tuned Dipole Antenna Set, TV

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