• Loose Lips Sink Spaceships
    Loose Lips Sink Spaceships

    Whether it’s a matter of national security or commercial success, a space plane or a sensor, brilliant people regularly refrain from trumpeting their astounding scientific achievements. It's not always easy or popular, but it's necessary, and I tip my hat top you, secret-keepers.

  • Who Really Benefits From Spectrum Auctions?
    Who Really Benefits From Spectrum Auctions?

    How much do the FCC’s RF spectrum auctions foster competition, benefit consumers, or spur development of new components and technologies?

  • Location, Location, Location: How Trade Show Settings Are Built For (Your) Success
    Location, Location, Location: How Trade Show Settings Are Built For (Your) Success

    Each potential trade show location comes with its own unique pros and cons for show attendees and exhibitors, as well as the entity organizing the event. 

  • IMS 2017 Night Life: Plenary Session & 5G Executive Forum
    IMS 2017 Night Life: Plenary Session & 5G Executive Forum

    Some of the most fascinating discussions at IMS2017 occurred after show hours, when several of the RF and microwave community’s top players gave a peek behind the curtain at their own work and shared their thoughts on the industry's future.

  • Continuing Education At IMS 2017
    Continuing Education At IMS 2017

    Every year, the International Microwave Symposium provides ample opportunity to further one’s industry and technological knowledge. Let's look at some of the educational events that shaped IMS 2017, as well as the rationale behind starting or continuing those initiatives. 

  • How Far Away Are Non-Lethal, Weaponized EMPs?
    How Far Away Are Non-Lethal, Weaponized EMPs?

    An non-lethal electromagnetic pulse would be invaluable on the modern battlefield, crippling an enemy while minimizing civilian casualties. But just how vulnerable is the United States to such an attack, and far away are weaponized EMPs from effective, affordable deployment? 

  • RFID Innovation Proves Technology Is Never Too Mature For A “Growth Spurt”
    RFID Innovation Proves Technology Is Never Too Mature For A “Growth Spurt”

    Miniaturization across numerous components, ever-improving computing capability, and novel power sources are just a few of the advances enabling RFID creators and users to employ the technology for previously unheard-of applications.

  • Radar Getting Better With Age
    Radar Getting Better With Age

    If the seemingly endless supply of innovative technologies coming out of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is any indication, old dogs can learn new tricks. 

  • Anritsu Company Introduces Isotropic Antennas To Expand EMF Measurement System Capability

    Anritsu Company expands its Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Measurement System with the introduction of isotropic antennas that provide frequency coverage from 9 kHz to 6 GHz. The new antennas support measurements of EMF radiation to ensure wireless networks are in compliance with various national standards for personal safety established by government regulatory authorities.

  • Guerrilla RF’s High Linearity Gain Blocks Feature Broadband Compressed Output Power

    Guerrilla RF Inc. has introduced a new addition to the company’s family of high linearity gain blocks featuring a unique combination of simple-application schematic, flat gain and high compressed output power which operate from near DC up to 4 GHz.  The GRF2012 and GRF2013 are ideal as pre-drivers for today’s broadband GaN high power amplifiers as well as a multitude of general purpose, high-performance gain block applications.  

  • SES Platform Services Relies On UHD / 4K Monitoring From Rohde & Schwarz Subsidiary GMIT GmbH

    The decision to choose GMIT’s BMM-810 was based on the product’s input flexibility and unique monitoring features. These include, for example, automated content mismatch detection, which allows SES PS to ensure highest service availability. In addition, the service-centric multiviewer visualization concept keeps monitoring of an ever-growing number of channels efficient and reliable.

  • Freescale Introduces 2W, Two-stage 130-1000 MHz Broadband Amplifier

    Freescale Semiconductor has expanded its linear amplifier family with the MMZ09332B, a 2W, two-stage, broadband InGaP HBT linear amplifier. It is ideal for use as a driver application in macro and small cell 3G and 4G base stations, smart grids, and other wireless applications.

  • Wi-Fi-Based Sensing: The Myths, The Facts, The Opportunities!
    Wi-Fi-Based Sensing: The Myths, The Facts, The Opportunities!

    When something moves within a wireless signal’s coverage, there is a slight change in the signal’s frequency, known as the Doppler frequency shift. While these shifts are very small, researchers and entrepreneurs have developed both the technology to detect the shifts and the algorithms to interpret their meaning. Now, the race is on to develop the best applications for this capability.

  • Anritsu Introduces CPRI-Based Solution For RRH Field Testing
    Anritsu Introduces CPRI-Based Solution For RRH Field Testing

    Anritsu Company introduces a CPRI RF Measurement option for its BTS Master handheld base station analyzer family that can significantly reduce the operational expense (OpEx) associated with troubleshooting interference at base stations. The BTS Master-based CPRI RF measurement test set allows field engineers and technicians to conduct accurate RF measurements on Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) while remaining at ground level, eliminating the considerable expense and time associated with calling a tower crew to conduct interference measurements.

  • Anritsu Enhances IMD Measurement Capability In VectorStar VNAs

    Company introduces Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) options for its VectorStar platform that expand the measurement capability of the VNA family to meet the needs of design and production engineers who must conduct highly accurate and efficient IMD measurements on their amplifier designs. Included in the enhancements is the new IMDView software that creates an advanced, easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) that simplifies complex IMD measurements and allows for more thorough IMD evaluation.

Ed Biller

Ed Biller

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