Articles by Ed Biller

  1. Threading The Needle: In The Field, Precision Is Everything

    In this eighth edition of Electronic Military & Defense, we look at both the critical importance of military precision — in the literal sense — and a few of the technologies enabling warfighters to achieve the desired level of exactitude.

  2. What’s Needed To Take Wearables To The Next Level?

    At IMS 2018 in Philadelphia last month, a panel of experts from our industry, academia, and the U.S. military discussed what’s needed to make the next generation of wearable technology more viable for all markets.

  3. IMS 2018’s 5G Summit Examines Wireless Networks, Spectrum Policy, Autonomous Driving

    Much like the 2017 event, this month’s IEEE International Microwave Symposium 2018 (IMS) was abuzz with talk of 5G applications, rollouts, and developments. But nowhere was that focus more singular than Monday’s (June 12) 5G summit, whose speaker lineup looked like a connectivity all-star roster.

  4. Loose Lips Sink Gifts And Spaceships

    Whether it’s a matter of national security or commercial success, a space plane or a sensor, brilliant people regularly refrain from trumpeting their astounding scientific achievements. It's not always easy or popular, but it's necessary, and I tip my hat top you, secret-keepers.

  5. Who Really Benefits From Spectrum Auctions?

    How much do the FCC’s RF spectrum auctions foster competition, benefit consumers, or spur development of new components and technologies?

  6. Keeping Warfighters “In The Know”

    Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. The days of shock-and-awe warfare have given way to a more subtle, quick-and-precise strike mentality enabled by almost unimaginable amounts of battlefield data. Reconnaissance balloons have become unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), advanced aiming optics are preferred to iron gun sights, and “bigger” no longer is equated with “better,” but more often is associated with “power hungry” or “cumbersome.”

  7. Location, Location, Location: How Trade Show Settings Are Built For (Your) Success

    Each potential trade show location comes with its own unique pros and cons for show attendees and exhibitors, as well as the entity organizing the event. 

  8. IMS 2017 Night Life: Plenary Session & 5G Executive Forum

    Some of the most fascinating discussions at IMS2017 occurred after show hours, when several of the RF and microwave community’s top players gave a peek behind the curtain at their own work and shared their thoughts on the industry's future.

  9. Continuing Education At IMS 2017

    Every year, the International Microwave Symposium provides ample opportunity to further one’s industry and technological knowledge. Let's look at some of the educational events that shaped IMS 2017, as well as the rationale behind starting or continuing those initiatives. 

  10. How Far Away Are Non-Lethal, Weaponized EMPs?

    An non-lethal electromagnetic pulse would be invaluable on the modern battlefield, crippling an enemy while minimizing civilian casualties. But just how vulnerable is the United States to such an attack, and far away are weaponized EMPs from effective, affordable deployment?