1. E-pHEMT MMIC For Optical Networks
    Optical Networks are one of the key infrastructures for the broadcasting and telecommunication industry. FTTH, fiber to the home, is the basis for the optical cable installation as well. RF MMIC devices are used in many of the applications for converting optical signals to RF signals and vice versa. CATV broadcasting, satellite broadcasting, high speed internet, IPTV(Internet Protocol Television), VOD(Video on Demand) and other telecommunication applications can be converged through optical networks and is now expanding its market in various territories.
  2. GaAs MMIC Doubler: XX1010-QT

    This GaAs MMIC Doubler operates in the 15.625-15.0 and 29.25-30.0 GHz frequency range. This single device integrates a gain stage, a passive doubler, and a driver amplifier, and makes for an ideal driver stage to the final output power amplifier in Ka band VSAT terminals.

  3. High Power PIN Diodes: BRO399-11A

    Skyworks’ SMP1324-087LF, SMP1371-087LF and SMP1302-085LF PIN diodes are designed for use in high-power-handling switches from 1–900 MHz. SMP1324-087LF and SMP1371-087LF are optimized for use as series diodes. SMP1302-085LF is optimized for use as a shunt diode. Due to their thermally-enhanced package designs, these diodes have very low thermal resistance which enables them to handle very large input power.

  4. Thin Film Dual Resistor Networks - MSDR3 Series

    The MSDR series dual center-tapped chip resistor offers the high stability, low noise, and low T.C.R./T.C. tracking of thin film while providing greater flexibility in hybrid designs

  5. Thick Film, Thin Film and Electronic Packages

    Mini-Systems manufactures high reliability, precision Thick Film chip resistors and jumpers for frequencies to 10 Ghz. Thin Film chip resistors, resistor arrays, chip attenuators, MOS style capacitors, and RC networks, DC through 20 Ghz. Electronic Packages Alumina/Glass sidewall flatpacks. For more on Mini-Systems, visit their storefront.

  6. Surface Mount Limiter Diode: CLA4608-085LF

    This surface mount limiter diode covers the 10 MHz to 6 GHz frequency range and is ideal for receiver protection and low loss, high power limiter applications. It features low thermal resistance (50oC/W) and low capacitance (0.60 pF).

  7. XP1009 17 To 21 GHz GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier
    Mimix Broadband’s two stage 17.0-21.0 GHz GaAs MMIC power amplifier is optimized for linear operation with a third order intercept point of +38.0 dBm
  8. 2.4 GHz ZigBee®/Smart Energy Front-End Module: SKY66109-11

    The SKY66109-11 is a front-end module with quite a few components integrated into it. These include a power amplifier with up to +22.5 dBm output power, and low noise amplifier with programmable bypass, and an antenna switching with transmit and receive diversity function.

  9. Surface-Mount PIN Diode: SMP1345-087LF

    The SMP1345-087LF is a surface mountable PIN diode suitable for use in an RF switch or attenuator circuit. Maximum resistance at 10 mA is 2 O and maximum capacitance at 5 V is 0.2 pF. The combination of low capacitance, low parasitic inductance, low thermal resistance, and nominal 10 µm I-region width, makes the SMP1345-087LF useful in large signal switches and attenuator applications. This diode is ideal for infrastructure, homeland security, first responder and military markets.

  10. SNA-400: DC-10 GHz Cascadable GaAs MMIC Amplifier
    Sirenza Microdevices' SNA-400 is a GaAs monolithic broadband amplifier in die form. This amplifier provides 13dB of gain when biased at 65mA and 5.0V.