Products and Services

  1. High-Power Switch LNA Module: QPB9325

    Qorvo offers the QPB9325 highly integrated front-end module with operation in the 3.6 – 3.8 GHz frequency range ideally suited for TDD base station, wireless infrastructure, and macro or picocell base station applications. This LNA module integrates RF functional blocks such as a pin-diode based high power switch along with two LNA stages.

  2. High Intercept Low Noise Amplifier: HILNA™ V1: 50 to 1000 MHz, 20 dB Gain

    The HILNA™ V1 is a high intercept low noise amplifier that operates in the 50 MHz to 1 GHz frequency range. It features extremely low noise and high gain, a wide dynamic range, reverse voltage protection, high reliability, a high intercept point, a fully characterized and rugged assembly, and more.

  3. Dual-Band (2.4-2.5) GHz And (4.9-6) GHz WLAN Low-Noise Amplifier - ALM-2812
    Avago Technologies’ ALM-2812 is a dual-band LNA designed for WLAN applications in the (2.4 - 2.5)GHz and (4.9-6)GHz frequency ranges. The LNA uses Avago Technologies’ proprietary GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process to achieve high-frequency wideband operation with very low noise figures.