Current Headlines

  1. Mitsubishi Electric's Small, Low-Cost Array Antenna Achieves High-Precision Beam Scanning

    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced recently its development of the REESA (Rotational Element Electronically Scanned Array) antenna, a small, low-cost array antenna that achieves high-precision beam scanning by electronically rotating antenna elements individually.

  2. Gryphon Sensors, WhiteFox Defense Technologies Partner On Counter-UAS System

    Gryphon Sensors, a world leader in intelligent drone detection and safe unmanned aircraft system (UAS) airspace integration, is excited to partner with WhiteFox Defense Technologies (WhiteFox), a proven drone analytics and mitigation provider.

  3. Anokiwave Introduces 26 GHz 5G mmW Reconfigurable 256-Element Active Antenna Array

    Anokiwave, Inc., an innovative company providing highly integrated IC solutions for mmW markets and Active Antenna based solutions, today announced the latest product in its family of mmW Phased Array Antenna Innovator’s Kits, the AWA-0142, driven by the Anokiwave AWMF-0135 26GHz 5G Quad Core IC with embedded functions for remote telemetry and low-latency steeringTM.

  4. Vanadium Dioxide For Aerospace And Neuromorphic Computing

    Vanadium dioxide’s unique properties make it perfect for outperforming silicon and giving rise to a new generation of low-power electronic devices. Under the Phase Change Switch project (, which is being funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 research program and coordinated by EPFL researchers, engineers have shown how this compound can be used to create programmable radiofrequency electronic functions for aerospace communication systems. Other applications – such as in neuromorphic computing and artificial intelligence – are also on the cards.

  5. AirFuel Alliance Launches Developer Program For Next-Gen Wireless Charging

    AirFuel™ Alliance, the authority on next-generation wireless power technology and standards, is launching a new AirFuel Developer Program and Developers Forum to make it easier for companies around the world to design, develop, and bring to market products with AirFuel Resonant and RF technologies.

  6. Mission Microwave Ramps Production Deliveries Of 200 Watt Ka-Band Solid State Power Amplifiers

    Mission Microwave Technologies, a manufacturer of highly efficient Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) and Block Up Converters (BUCs), announced recently that it is has completed the initial delivery and acceptance testing of its 200 Watt Ka Band (30 GHz) Gallium Nitride (GaN) based products for a U.S. based technology integrator.

  7. Keysight And Global Partners Reach Milestone In Low-Frequency Noise Measurement

    Keysight Technologies, Inc. recently announced it has reached a new milestone in low-frequency noise measurements through its work with leading research centers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI).

  8. Clemson Researchers Mull Triboelectricity For Future Electronic Gadgets

    Researchers from Clemson’s Nanomaterials Institute (CNI) are one step closer to wirelessly powering the world using triboelectricity, a green energy source.

  9. AFRL, NextFlex Leverage Open-Source Community To Create Flexible Circuit System

    Lightweight, low-cost and flexible electronic systems are the key to next-generation smart technologies for military as well as consumer and commercial applications.

  10. New Use For Telecomm Networks: Helping Scientists Peer Into Deep Space

    For the first time, researchers have demonstrated that a stable frequency reference can be reliably transmitted more than 300 kilometers over a standard fiber optic telecommunications network and used to synchronize two radio telescopes.